Generation Change Regional Training for Middle East – Istanbul, Turkey 2014

Generation Change Regional Training for Middle East – Istanbul, Turkey 2014

Deadline: September 15, 2014

Applications are now accepted for the 2014 Generation Change Regional Training Program for Middle East taking place in Istanbul, Turkey from December 4-7, 2014 . The United States Institute of Peace’s Middle East and Africa’s Generation Change Program is dedicated to empowering and building the capacity of civically engaged youth as they emerge as leaders in their communities. By providing specialized leadership and conflict resolution training, Generation Change aims to provide youth leaders with skills needed to increase community trust, promote constructive conversations, and offer alternatives to resolving conflict without violence.

The Generation Change network of youth leaders across the country will serve as a platform for the free exchange of ideas across borders and cultures, a community of peers and mentors, and a resource for participants in moments of crisis.

About the Middle East Training

Generation program of change for the Middle East will provide a regional program for the Middle East to develop a leadership program for the generation of change for participants in leadership training, conflict resolution, so that these emerging leaders to increase the degree of flexibility to have the greatest impact on their communities. The training will provide a safe space for participants to share their views and gain new tools and conduct constructive dialogues and understanding to resolve the conflict better, especially as it relates to the Middle East. Program participants will be known as the experts in the areas of leadership development and conflict resolution.

In addition, the training will enable the participants to build a network of young leaders in their community and globally. Upon completion of the training, participants will join the network to change the global generation of community leaders and young people will have their access to a variety of resources provided by the American Institute of Peace.

Selected Participants will need to arrive on December 3rd and depart on the evening of December 7th or December 8th.

Program Cost

USIP will cover the costs of the American Institute of Peace and Co-ticket residence and meals and visa.


The applicant must meet the criteria below:

  • be between 18-35 years old
  • have lived in Egypt or Jordan or Morocco or Yemen for more than 3 years
  • have leadership role in a community-based organization
  • ready to participate and learn from colleagues and facilitators
  • Have a valid passport until June 2015

How to Submit

Request must contain the following documents

  • Application Form filled fully
  • Attachments, as listed in Section IV of this document

Please submit applications using the Survey Monkey. Please send all attachments with one message e-mailed to [email protected]. You must type the following text in the email subject box: LAST NAME, GC application.

Submissions that are incomplete or missing materials will not be considered.

For more information, visit Generation Change Middle East Training. Click here for Africa Regional Program.