2014 Atlanta Photo Journalism Contest

2014 Atlanta Photo Journalism Contest

Deadline: October 31, 2014

The Atlanta Photojournalism Contest is now open to photographers worldwide. This contest is set with the aims of promote the highest standards of photojournalism through an annual educational conference and a photography contest judged by working photographers.


$5000 in Prizes

Photographers may enter any of the categories listed below, as well as the portfolio competition.

  1. Spot News – A single picture of an unscheduled event for which no advance planning was possible.
  2. General News – A picture of a scheduled or organized event for which advance planning was possible.
  3. Feature – Usually a found situation with strong human interest; a fresh view of an everyday scene.
  4. Sports Action – A single picture showing participation in a game or athletic event.
  5. Sports Feature – A feature picture that is sports related.
  6. Portrait/Personality – A picture that captures an aspect of the subject’s character.
  7. Pictorial – A picture that exploits the graphic aesthetic qualities of the subject with emphasis on composition.
  8. Olympics – A single picture taken during an event related to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.
  9. News Picture Story – A collection of photos with a single theme that fits the description of the Spot News or General News category. 12 image maximum.
  10. Chris Hondros Memorial International News – This category is in memory of Getty Images staff photographer Chris Hondros, who died on April 20, 2011 while covering conflict in Libya. Images should be a collection of photos with a single theme that have been taken outside of U.S. territory. 12 image maximum.
  11. Feature Picture Story/Essay – A collection of photos with a single theme that fits the description of the Feature category. 12 image maximum.
  12. Sports Picture Story – A collection of photos with a single theme that fits the description of the Sports Action or Sports Feature category. 12 image maximum.
  13. Product Illustration – A photograph that illustrates any product, including clothing and food.
  14. Issue Illustration – A photograph conceived to illustrate a particular idea or editorial concept.
  15. Multimedia Slideshow – A single slideshow that may consist of still photos, audio or video and requires no user interaction other than start/stop, next/previous, or image number buttons to view.
  16. Multimedia Interactive Presentation – A multi-layered presentation that may consist of still photos, graphics, animation, audio or video that incorporates hyperlinks to delineate chapters or sections.
  17. Multimedia Entries

    • No more than 3 multimedia entries per person or per team are permitted.
    • Multimedia entries are required to provide a URL to their video, preferably uploaded to Vimeo

    There are two types of multimedia entries:

    • Single Photographer – Use this method for a multimedia entry which is the work of a single photographer. You may include this entry as part of your overall contest entry.
    • Team Entry – Use this method when there is more than one photographer responsible for the work. If you use this method use must submit it under a separately funded contest entry.

Portfolio Entries

  1. There are two types of portfolio entries for this contest: Best Portfolio or Rich Mahan Best Student Portfolio. A portfolio entry does not count as entry, and is simply a combination of the images entered in the contest categories.Photographers wishing to be considered for one of the portfolio awards should upload their photos under one of the Best Portfolio categories in the contest application.
    • Multimedia content is not allowed in portfolio submission.
    • Each portfolio MUST include an entry from one multiple picture category (News Picture StoryFeature Picture StorySports Picture Story) and from one news category (Spot NewsGeneral NewsNews Picture Story).
    • Portfolios may contain no more than 10 entries.
    • Portfolios may contain no more than 40 images total.
    • A picture story counts (12 images max per story) as one entry.
    • Students may enter either the Best Portfolio or the Rich Mahan Student Portfolio competition, but not both.
    • Only students who have not yet graduated are eligible for the Student category, therefore students should enter the contest with a University affiliation listed on their entry form, not a publication.
    • There is no need to include separate folders inside the portfolio folder, loose images inside this folder is preferred.
    • Portfolio entries will be judged separately from Category entries so you must make copies of the category entries you wish to be considered in your portfolio entry. You may simply duplicate your category entries, placing the copies in your portfolio folder.
    • The Rich Mahan Student Portfolio honors the memory of former Seminar Board Member Rich Mahan.

Eligibility/ Rules for Entry

  • Anyone may enter. Any photographer from any country is eligible to enter.
  • Only digital entries are accepted. It is ok to digitally scan photographs originally captured on film.
  • Content must have been captured between Nov. 1, 2013 and Oct. 15, 2014 (see contest rules for picture story exceptions).
  • Content does not need to have been published.
  • 15 entries max per person (Entries: the number of category entries submitted by one photographer. A multiple-picture category entry and a multimedia entry counts as one entry. Do not include a portfolio entry in this count.)
  • No photograph previously entered in the Seminar competition may be entered in a future contest.
  • Single photographs can only be entered into one category.
  • Individual photos from picture stories may be entered into any of the single categories.
  • Photographs in a picture story entry, taken over a period of time that begins before the eligible date but extends into the period of eligibility, may be entered as long as they have not been entered in the Seminar’s competition before.
  • Each picture story, which may contain a maximum of 12 images, entered counts as one entry.
  • A portfolio entry does not count towards the 15 entry maximum.

How to Enter

Register and complete the contest application here.

For more information, Visit the Atlanta PhotoJournalism