2015 Peace Revolution MENA Salam Fellowship in Turkey

2015 Peace Revolution MENA Salam Fellowship in Turkey

Deadline: November 15, 2014

Peace Revolution is now accepting applications for the 2015 Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Salam Fellowship taking place in Turkey from March 13–17 2015! The theme is “Towards a New Peaceful Coexistence”. After the success of the First MENA Salam Fellowship that took place on 21-23 March 2014 in Marrakech, Peace Revolution would like to introduce 2015 Second Fellowship with a new mission to gather young leaders from the region for peaceful coexistence.

Are you a youth worker or peace activist from the MENA region? Are you concerned about achieving peace for your community? Are you sometimes discouraged while still want to reignite your spark to work for peace? Then this fellowship is for YOU!

The retreat will include interactive activities, meditation sessions, yoga classes, lectures delivered by the teaching monk and discussions aiming at supporting the group to work for a common future for the region.


MENA Salam fellowship seeks to promote coexistence by engaging open-minded young leaders across the MENA region and support their roles as peacemakers who can positively contribute to the region’s peace and transition. We specifically aim to:

  • Promote peaceful coexistence and togetherness among MENA youth.
  • Strengthen the participants understanding of coexistence through the practice of mindfulness, self-discipline and compassion.
  • Promote active citizenship among young people and enhance their sense of solidarity by sharing their visions to manifest tangible changes in their communities.
  • Provide a forum for networking and exchange while fostering mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue.
  • Provide the participants with the tools to inner peace practice, self-development and meditation.


The MENA Salam Fellowship covers:

  • Full sponsoring of airfare
  • Accommodation
  • Catering
  • Meditation sessions and lectures
  • Yoga Classes
  • Local transportation

The MENA Salam Fellowship DOES NOT Cover:

  • Transportation within participant’s country
  • Visa cost
  • Personal expenses


  • Nationals and residents of these countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Western Sahara and Yemen.
  • Age required between 18-30 years old at the time of application submission in order to receive the airfare support.
  • Completed the 21 days of the online self-development program.
  • Young leaders who are actively involved in peace activities or have passion to work in peace building and coexistence within the spheres of politics, society, culture and media.
  • Good proficiency in written and spoken English
  • Commitment fee of 200 USD. The fees need to be paid before the arrival to the retreat site, /by Bank transfer or Western Union.


Application Deadline – 1 November 2014, before 18.00GMT (last date to apply online)

Eligibility Deadline – 20 November 2014, before 18.00GMT (last date to complete at least 21 days of the online Self-Development Program)

For more information, visit Peace Revolution MENA Salam Fellowship.