The New Arizona Prize: Water Consciousness Challenge 2015 – $100,000 Prize

The New Arizona Prize: Water Consciousness Challenge 2015 – $100,000 Prize

Deadline: December 19, 2014

Entries are invited for the Water Consciousness Challenge, an initiative of The New Arizona Prize. In addition to realizing a winning consciousness-raising strategy, a goal of The New Arizona Prize and the Water Consciousness Challenge is to support a new generation of leaders who understand the issues of water management and conservation in Arizona.

The New Arizona Prize: Water Consciousness Challenge focuses on raising awareness of water scarcity issues in the Valley of the Sun and across Arizona. You are invited to submit a proposal for raising the consciousness of water scarcity issues, targeting the Phoenix metropolitan area and surrounding communities (the Valley of the Sun). The winning proposal will receive $100,000 to implement a proposed strategy, and you are encouraged to offer your most ambitious plans for reaching the widest audience possible. Winning strategies will not only inform, but also inspire action.

The New Arizona Prize is an initiative of the Arizona Community Foundation, Republic Media, and Morrison Institute for Public Policy to create the Arizona of tomorrow.

Challenge Overview

Demand for water in the Valley of the Sun (and across Arizona) is predicted to outstrip supply, starting as early as 15 years from now. You must form a team and propose a strategy for raising the public’s consciousness of this threat within a target audience. Your team will compete for $100,000 to implement your proposed strategy. You must follow specific instructions and meet specific deadlines.

Eligibility and Criteria

  • Competition is open to both students as well as professionals. Representation from a range of fields and backgrounds is strongly encouraged.
  • You must form a team of multidisciplinary experts, including those who know the issues of drought and water scarcity in the region. But, you are encouraged to include others, such as experts with seasoned experience activating your target audience.
  • Your team is challenged to propose a strategy for raising public consciousness by delivering compelling content, the kind of media that will active the public and engage their interests.
  • Your strategy must include digital media, and your proposal should include sample content.

The New Arizona Prize is for people with big ideas who want to make a difference, and this year’s challenge is for people who want to see their fellow community members learn and care more about Arizona’s water future. Maybe that means people like you.

For more information, visit The New Arizona Prize.