Women Deliver Announces 200 Young People for the Young Leaders Program

Women Deliver Announces 200 Young People for the Young Leaders Program

Women Deliver has announced the selection of 200 new and exceptional young advocates who will join the organization’s Young Leaders Program—a three-year fellowship opportunity for young people under the age of 30 who are working to advance the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women around the world. The new Young Leaders come from 94 countries and work on a variety of issues, including family planning, HIV/AIDS, gender-based violence, and youth leadership and participation.

Women Deliver seeks to harness the untapped potential of youth advocates who are passionate about maternal, sexual, and reproductive health and rights. From 2010 to 2014, Women Deliver supported 200 Young Leaders from over 68 countries by offering workshops, online learning communities, scholarships to key events, seed grant funding, and high-level networking, speaking, and media opportunities.


In addition to being awarded a full scholarship to attend the Women Deliver 2016 Conference on 16-19 May 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Young Leaders will also have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in capacity-building e-learning opportunities that cover sexual and reproductive health and rights issues, advocacy, communications, proposal writing, project management, and monitoring and evaluation.
  • Apply for seed grant funding to implement a community-based project.
  • Make connections with a wide range of people working in the field, including high-level policymakers, donors, and journalists.
  • Join a network of former and current Young Leaders as well as professional mentors to increase advocacy around sexual and reproductive health and rights in their home countries.
  • Attend a two-day youth pre-conference workshop on advocacy around maternal health, with a focus on communications and new technologies, and serve as a youth representative at the conference.

See the full list here – http://www.womendeliver.org/assets/Women_Deliver_200_Young_Leaders.pdf

Congratulations to the selected Young Leaders! Were you selected? If yes, send us a message here and we will celebrate you specially.

Source: Women Deliver