The Intercultural Innovation Award 2015- $100,500 USD in Monetary Prizes + Benefits

The Intercultural Innovation Award 2015- $100,500 USD in Monetary Prizes + Benefits

Deadline: September 30, 2015

The Intercultural Innovation Award is now open for applications! The Intercultural Innovation Award is a partnership between the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and the BMW Group that aims to select and support the most innovative grassroots projects that encourage intercultural dialogue and cooperation around the world.


Organizations must meet these requirements to be deemed eligible:

Organizations’ Eligibility Criteria

  • Be registered as a non-for-profit organization
  • Organizations must have been operational for a minimum of 2 years before May 2015; with funding base and project implementation
  • Organizations field of action must fall within at least one of the following thematic clusters:
    (i) migration and integration;
    (ii) intercultural awareness;
    (iii) education for intercultural citizenship;
    (iv)organizations addressing the dialogue and understanding (e.g. faith-based, youth, women, media, etc.)
  • The applying organization must have the willingness to expand the range of action of the project with the UNAOC, the BMW Group and other partners.

Projects’ Eligibility Criteria

  • Nature of Project: projects must implement new approaches and methods to intercultural understanding (see details).
  • Project must be sustainable.
  • Projects submitted within this call should have been launched for at least 12 months by May 2015 (i.e. projects submitted must have started on May 2014 or earlier).

Awards & Benefits 

1.Monetary Prize: Awardees will receive a monetary prize to be used for project expansion and/or replication of their project. The total amount of the prize pool is USD 100,500 distributed as follows:

  • 1st USD 40,000
  • 2nd USD 20,000
  • 3rd USD 15,000
  • 4th USD 8,000
  • 5th USD 5,000

2. Training & Capacity Building: Awardees will gather twice during the one-year of support to participate in a multi-day capacity-building workshop addressing issues such as scaling up, financial sustainability, human resources management, communication skills, marketing and use of social media.

3. Customized support and mentoring.
4. Recognition & visibility.
5. Intercultural Leadership memberships.

How to Apply

Register and login to apply here.

Project Concept

Please reply to the following questions in a clear and succinct fashion. Only applications in English are accepted.

  1. Explain your project in one sentence. (max. 20 words)
  2. Describe up to 5 main activities of your project and their outcomes/expected outcomes. Please provide qualitative and quantitative data that show your impact. (max. 50 words per activity and outcome, 250 words in total)
  3. List up to 3 ways that your project innovates in the promotion of intercultural dialogue, understanding and cooperation. (max. 50 words per each way your project innovates, 150 words in total)
  4. Provide up to 3 explanations as to how your organi- zation would use the support received from the UNAOC and the BMW Group to expand and repli- cate the project. (max. 50 words per each way your organization would use the support received from UNAOC and the BMW Group, 150 words in total)
  5. Describe the issue(s) your project aims to address. Why is your project necessary? (max. 250 words)
  6. Why should your organization be selected as a finalist of this call for applications? (max. 250 words)


Applicants need to prepare some documents before they fill in the application form. Applicants are required to attach digital copies of the following documents:

1. Organization’s proof of registration.
2. Statutes (or other document that states the goals,governance structure, etc.) of the organization.

For more information, visit Intercultural Innovation Award or contact [email protected]