The Prince of Wales’s Commonwealth Environmental Photography Awards 2015

The Prince of Wales’s Commonwealth Environmental Photography Awards 2015

Deadline: September 6,2015

Entries are now being accepted for the Prince of Wale’s Commonwealth Environmental Photography Award– The ‘Out of the Blue’ Awards. This contest will inspire Commonwealth citizens to use photography to engage with the vast blue world around the Commonwealth, to celebrate its beauty, highlight its importance and alert global leaders to its vulnerability. By doing so, people of the Commonwealth can directly encourage global leaders to take positive action and adopt more of the solutions that we know are at hand to protect and use natural resources in a sustainable way.

The competition will be open across the Commonwealth and in keeping with the ‘Young Commonwealth’’ theme for 2015 there will be particular encouragement for entries from young photographers. Smart phone entries are also explicity encouraged.


The competition is open to all Commonwealth citizens (and all photographs must have been taken in a Commonwealth country).


There are three themes for entry. Within each theme there will be a category for over eighteen-year-olds and under eighteens.

  • Nature’s Assets
    Images in this theme will be judged on their power to inspire a greater appreciation of the natural riches of our blue world. They might for example convey the beauty and wonders of marine wildlife, of coral reefs, sea grass meadows, kelp forests, marshes or mangroves.
  • People and the Oceans
    Images in this theme will be judged on their ability to convey the interdependence between the human world and that of the oceans, seas and coastal environments. Winning entries might, for example, emphasize how healthy marine environments sustain people’s welfare through fishing or tourism.
  • Human Impacts
    Images submitted in this category will be judged on the extent to which they might raise awareness about the different ways in which the human race can impact on oceans, whether positively or negatively.


The winning photographs will be exhibited in Malta in November 2015 at the event of the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting.

Awards will be given as follows:

  • The Prince of Wales’s Commonwealth Environmental Photography Awards Overall Winner
  • Category Winners (over-18s)
  • Category Winners (under-18s)
  • Category Finalists (over-18s)
  • Category Finalists (under-18s)
  • Highly Commended – Smart phone entry
  • Highly Commended – ‘Most Liked’ photo entry

 How to Enter

Entries can be submitted online.

For more information, visit the Out of Blue Competition or e-mail [email protected]