YouthfulCities Research Fellowships in 75 Cities Accross The World.

YouthfulCities Research Fellowships in 75 Cities Accross The World.

Deadline: July 12, 2015

YouthfulCities is hiring fellows in 75 cities across the world. This is a flexible, part time position. It can be incorporated into academic work or pursued on its own.

Research fellows will take charge of the Urban Attitudes Survey in their city, creating a distribution strategy, designing qualitative research to compliment the survey findings, and building local partnerships. The fellows will play a vital role in ensuring the survey is representative of their city.

Fellowship Details

The main focus is to implement a research project in each city to seek out the opinions of youth. What’s important to them? How do they think their city is performing? Each fellow will be asked to collect 1000 responses to our Urban Attitudes Survey from their city with support from the YouthfulCities global team. With the combined research across 75 cities, this will be one of the biggest surveys of urban youth ever. Fellows will also add their own qualitative research to build a picture of youth in their city.

Fellowship positions are open in the following cities:

YouthfulCities Fellowship Locations


Interested applicants must meet the following requirements

  • be available to complete the Urban Attitudes Survey between July 15 and September 30, 2015.
  • be in one of the above listed cities during this period.
  • must have research experience at a university level.
  • must have strong written and verbal English and the ability to do some translation between English and your home language.
  • must have a good social network in your city.
  • be an outgoing person as you will need to meet people and build connections.
  • be organized with a strong commitment to completing projects.


  • You’ll be joining the YouthfulCities network! We know thousands of young people around the world and are connecting people with similar interests and introducing them to those with other areas of expertise.
  • You’ll also be connected with further job opportunities: For our consulting projects much of the recruitment is from within our current network. Over the past year we’ve hired 100 youth to work on projects with us.
  • You’ll also be first to know about the YouthfulCities Global Summit, and be a member of the unofficial “YouthfulCities Couchsurfing Network” with friends in 75 cities!
  • You will be able to act as the local spokesperson for YouthfulCities, and will be featured on our website as well as have the opportunity to speak to media, or write about your experiences.
  • Create a strong network in their city: You’ll be forging relationships with local organizations and leaders that can last a lifetime.
  • Build up your resume with paid work experience and references.
  • You’ll be involved in a global project that gives you a unique understanding of youth and cities, and have the opportunity to give a voice to youth where you live.

Responsibilities of Fellows

  • Find a mentor. This can be a professor, or someone involved in research for another organization like an NGO, private company or even the city itself- someone with a wealth of research experience to share with you.
  • Build your research design:
    (i) Fellows receive the survey and platform from us, so you’ll have access to all of the documents and structures you need as soon as you get started.
    (ii) Have the ability to add 1-2 city-specific questions to the survey (tentative)
    (iii) Fellows will then build a qualitative research strategy that adds context to the survey responses. This can take the form of interviews, drawing out case studies of your city’s successes, or hosting a discussion session. Get creative and find new ways to tell the stories you find in the survey!
  • Build a social media presence in your city. You can repost form the main YouthfulCities page and create your own content, bringing the work we’ve done into a local context.
  • Distribute the survey:
    • Contact organizations who can act as distribution partners
    • Prioritize completion of quantitative research and reach target of 500-1000 survey responses
    • Complete your qualitative research project.
  • Report your findings:
    • Create your own city report which complements the survey results with local knowledge and qualitative findings, bringing the research to life!

How to Apply

Apply online: YouthfulCities Research Fellowship Application.

For more information, visit Youthful Cities Research Fellowships.