European Voluntary Service Training Course – Bulgaria

European Voluntary Service Training Course – Bulgaria

Deadline: November 10, 2015

The Cooperation for Voluntary Service (CVS) – Bulgaria invites participants to take part in the Training Course “From A to Z about EVS”. CVS is a non-governmental organisation that has been working in the field of international volunteer exchange since 1998 and was officially registered in 2002 as an organisation working in public benefit. It is a branch of the international peace and volunteer-exchange network of Service Civil International and a full member of South Eastern European Youth Network.

The training course “From A to Z about EVS” is about promoting the possibility for volunteering and especially the EVS opportunities. The focus is on clarifying all the steps of how to organize and implement EVS projects of high quality. The training will take place from November 27 to December 3, 2015 in Bulgaria, in Jeravna hotel, Bankya, the region of the capital Sofia.

Objectives of the Training

  • Increasing knowledge and information about the philosophy of volunteering and the possibility of implementing EVS projects;
  • Providing information about the basics of EVS projects, rights, responsibilities nd the roles of the main actors.;
  • Getting into the details of how processes could be efficiently structured through the world cycle of the project – preparation, application, implementation, evaluation, follow-up ativities, next steps;
  • Sharing of practical tips and tricks for raising the quality of the projects to be implemented;
  • Preparation for the practical realization of the EVS projects;
  • Sharing good and bad practises giving a learning opportunity and ideas for improvement;
  • Creating of a support and sharing group of organisations for a successful implementation of EVS projects;
  • Increasing the knowledge in general about Erasmus+ Programme.


Reimburse of travel tickets will be done according to the rules of the Erasmus+ programme based on distance circulation. The reimbursement will be made after the training course, after the participants provide all travelling documents. Please keep your tickets and boarding passes.

  • Albania – up to 180 Euro
  • Croatia – up to 275 Euro
  • Georgia – up to 275 Euro
  • Macedonia – up to 180 Euro
  • Romania – up to 180 Euro
  • Serbia – up to 180 Euro
  • Spain – up to 360 Euro


Candidates should

  • Be from Albania, Croatia, Georgia, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Spain and Bulgaria
  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Be youth workers, project managers, coordinators, supervisors;
  • Be willing to learn and share;
  • Be willing to multiply learning after the training course;
  • Be able to understand and express themselves in English;
  • Be committed to attend for the full duration of the project.

Application Process

For more information, EVS Training Course.