2016 APS/IBM Research Internship for Undergraduate Women

2016 APS/IBM Research Internship for Undergraduate Women

Deadline: February 15, 2016

The American Physical Society and IBM co-sponsors a research internship program for undergraduate women. The goal is to encourage women students to pursue graduate studies in science and engineering.

The internships are salaried positions typically 10 weeks long at one of three IBM research locations (San Jose, CA, Austin, TX, or Yorktown Heights, NY), and give the opportunity to work closely with an IBM mentor. The Watson lab has a full range of research, as does the Almaden lab, and the Austin lab focuses on software and systems.

Research areas of the internship are individually chosen so as to optimize the match between the skills and interests of the student, and the ongoing research programs of the laboratory.


  • Must be female with sophomore or junior standing at a U.S. college or university at the time of application
  • Must be majoring in chemistry, physics, materials science or engineering, computer science or engineering, chemical, electrical, mechanical engineering, or biology, if it has an emphasis on one of the other areas listed
  • Must have a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • No citizenship restriction.

How to Apply

  • The application process consists of an online application, which is submitted through an IBM server;
  • Two letters of recommendation, which are to be emailed directly from the recommenders to the internship chair;
  • Official transcript, which, if possible, is emailed to the internship chair from the registrar’s officer, or if that is not possible is submitted to IBM via postal mail.

For more information, visit APS/IBM Research Internship  [email protected]for Undergraduate Women or e-mail injuries to  [email protected]