Call For Submissions: 2016 International Documentary Film Festival (Moldova)

Call For Submissions: 2016 International Documentary Film Festival (Moldova)

Deadline: January 15, 2016

Call for submissions!! The 2016 International Documentary Film Festival in Moldova is now open for entries! The festival, taking place 12-18 May 2016, has a great popularity and an international reputation. It is seen as being among the most important film events in South-East Europe.

The Festival has five sections for their submissions-

  • Main Section –  a category for creative documentaries from all over the world with no restriction on theme. No corporate, industrial or commercial films are accepted.
  •  CadRO Section – a category that offers an overview of the life and destiny of people that call themselves Romanians, wherever they are.
  •  Local Productions Section – a category for works produced by local independent video production studios, local TV channels and productions of independent filmmakers.
  • Eyes on Moldova Section –  a category for documentaries about republic of Moldova realised by foreign filmmakers.
  • A LIKE for Documentary Section – a category dedicated to teenagers and includes short documentaries for young people



Eligibility and guidelines for submissions vary via category, and should be thoroughly checked via this link.


There is no participation fee, and if accepted your work will be displayed to a large audience, as well as become a permanent part of the festival archive.

For the Main Section and CadRO Section, the Festival organizers will invite one/two representatives for each film accepted into the competition, and will bear the costs for full accommodation, meals and local transportation during the Festival under the following conditions: (a) for one person for the full duration of the festival, or (b) for two persons for the 3 days of your choice.

How to Apply

  • For the pre-selection stage, films may be submitted in a DVD format or online via the official website.
  • The entry form must be filled out completely.
  • If the participant chooses to submit the film on DVD, he/she must fill it out, print it and send it together with the DVD to: OWH Studio, Str. 31 August 1989 Nr.93, MD-2012, Chișinău, Republic of Moldova
  • If the participant chooses to send the film online, the entry form must be also sent online. The entry form can be filled out in two ways: either online, on the website, either it can be downloaded from the same website and sent to [email protected], [email protected]
  • Please write the following note on the envelope: “No commercial value. For cultural purpose only.”

For more information, visit the CRONOGRAF Film Festival.