We Are Among The Top 4 Websites That Offer Travel Opportunities!

We Are Among The Top 4 Websites That Offer Travel Opportunities!

Recently, Opportunity Desk got featured in the Get On Up Blog and we are excited to share this with you.

The Get On Up Blog is a lifestyle blog created by Sean Goodman to encourage social and self improvement. Based on his discoveries from friends and acquaintances, Sean Goodman listed four websites that offer opportunities for conferences, study abroad scholarships, internships, and jobs positioned around the globe.

According to Sean,

I discovered these websites from college friends and people I’ve met through my travels. What I can tell you is that these are not just superficial websites. They have been exceptionally helpful for both myself and for my friends and colleagues. You should give them a shot too.

Captioned “Four Websites That Offer Opportunities to Travel Abroad,” here is how the author describes our work:

“From writing contests in England to teaching positions in Bosnia, this website (Opportunity Desk) is the mecca of international opportunity. It is my personal favorite website because of how easy it is to navigate, and for its continuous updates. I check this site at least once a week and apply to programs all the time, regardless of the outcome. It was on this website where I discovered and applied and got accepted in to the first Youth to Youth Initiative summit, and it changed my life forever.”

Sean’s Inspiring Words

I have applied to programs listed on all of these websites and have been denied by hundreds, and accepted by few. Even if you get denied by 9 out of 10, it just takes one program to change your life.

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