2016 GreenMotions Film Festival – Freiburg, Germany

2016 GreenMotions Film Festival – Freiburg, Germany

Deadline: August 31, 2016

Welcome Filmmakers! Did you produce a positive, constructive or solution-oriented film about sustainability or environmental issues? Would you like to show your work to a dedicated audience and call people to action? Submit your work to Greenmotions Film Festival. The Greenmotions Film Festival is a call to action aiming to raise awareness in people around sustainable thinking! It will take place at Kommunales Kino im Alten Wiehre Bahnhof in Freiburg (Germany) on November 11 – 13, 2016.

There are two main categories for films participating in our festival: Short films and long films. On top of that a special award is offered to movies with the topic climate refugees. According to the World Migration Report 2015 more than 20 million people are climate and environmental refugees and films about their stories would be shown at the film festival.


  • Prizes are amounting up to €2500. A jury of experts will select the best short film. The festival may consider to create categories of the short film submissions. The categories may be awarded differently. The prize of the audience choice will be given only to long feature movies.


  • Participation is open to everyone;
  • The festival is open to films of all production techniques, including animation, documentary, drama, experimental or artist film and hybrid work from low to high budgets;
  • All films should focus on one of the environmental or sustainable topics. This may include: recycling, agriculture/agriculture transition, energy/energy transition, green economy/green business, green tech/green design, climate refugees/energy wars, mobility, sustainable cities, sustainable consumption, biodiversity, degrowth/slow food, renewable energies, the energy transition and/or climate change;
  • Films for the short film competition must have a running time of 20 minutes or less, including credits;
  • Long feature movies should have a running time of 20-120 minutes;
  • The festival does not require any premiere status but notes that this may come into consideration during the selection process. Films must have been completed after December 31, 2014;
  • Films that have previously been submitted to the festival will be accepted again, as long as they were not shown in the program of 2015;
  • Preferred languages: German or English, for all other languages German or English subtitles are required.

Application Process

  • Submission via reelport is preferred.
  • All films should be in high quality video (at least 720p HD) and good audio quality. At least one still of the film must be sent. Submission material for long feature films should include a trailer.
  • If the film is selected for the program or the competition, a digital screening copy will be requested. Video tape formats or film prints are not applicable. The festival informs the participants personally about the submission of the screening copies.
  • For the long feature films, a physical copy is required: Accepted formats are Data-DVD, blu-ray, hard drive or USB drive.
  • For the short film competition, a high quality screening copy through a download link is required. If this is not possible, please contact [email protected] for further instructions. Shipping costs for screening copies will not be refunded, copies will not be returned.
  • One or more films can be uploaded by a single director but each film should be submitted separately.
  • Participants are not entitled to claim rental or other fees for the screenings of their films at the festival.

For more information, visit GreenMotions Film Festival.