ZEPTER International Design Award – ARTZEPT 2016 (Win a €10,000 Prize)

ZEPTER International Design Award – ARTZEPT 2016 (Win a €10,000 Prize)

Deadline: September 30, 2016

Zepter International is pleased to announce the 13th ARTZEPT design competition 2016 entitled: The Arts of Frames. There are many kinds of treasures – material and non-material – which, for most of us, hold an immense, immeasurable value. A way to protect these reminders of beautiful, precious, but occasionally heart-rending moments in our lives are photographs, paintings, and portraits of loved ones. To emphasize their personal value, we put them in frames. Picture frames are much older than we think. In fact, they have existed for much longer than photography.

Participants in this contest are expected to bring new, creative ideas for the design and shape of frames for paintings, photographs and mirrors to enclose our cherished memories, fragments of life, lasting impressions, imageries of scenes, and even reflections of ourselves captured in the mirrors of our daily lives.


  • First Place – € 10,000;
  • Second Place – € 4,000 worth of Zepter products as chosen by the awardee from Zepter catalogues;
  • Third Place – € 3,000 worth of Zepter products as chosen by the awardee from Zepter catalogues;
  • A special award aimed at promotion of the artist (a participant in the contest) – Zepter International representatives shall choose one or more works to be produced in a limited series (up to 100 items) and to be exhibited in the company and/or other facilities worldwide, as chosen by the company, with the designer’s name clearly displayed. The Special Award may be given both to the winners of one of the first three prizes or any other participant of the contest.


  • All submitted entries must be original creations in compliance with the competition theme, both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and suitable for a limited, small-scale production run;
  • The contestants should submit proposals for the design of picture frames, photography frames and mirror frames for tables, walls and floors, perceived from different perspectives and designated for various uses and spatial positioning with their aesthetic properties bearing equal importance to their functionality. The objects may be produced in a material of the artist’s choice.
  • All entries should be created and submitted to the contest as either:
    • A 3Ddigital model and rendering or
    • 3D physical model of the designs produced in an appropriate material;
  • Any natural person that complies with the set rules can submit an entry to the competition. If multiple persons submit a collective entry, they shall be regarded as co-entrants and shall share the right to one award as a single contestant;
  • There is no limit to the number of submissions by any individual contestant, but each work must be submitted as a separate entry;
  • As a rule, all digital, printed and other versions of the entries shall not be returned unless explicitly requested by the artist;
  • In the application form, the artists should state whether they wish to donate their work to the organiser or whether they would like to have it returned (this applies only to the objects produced in the chosen material). If they wish to have the work returned, the organiser shall send the items back to the address stated in the application and pay the transportation costs for them. Insurance costs or risks of item destruction or damage from the moment of dispatch from the organiser’s premises shall be borne by the artist.
  • See more of the Competition Rules here.

Application Process

  • Complete Application Form.
  • The printed, completed and signed application form, along with the competition work for entry should be sent by post to the following address by 30 September, 2016.

Via Bruno Buozzi, 24, 20861 Brugherio (MB), Italy

For more information, please contact [email protected] or visit Arts of Frames Competition.