Call for Nominations: The Green Star Awards 2017

Call for Nominations: The Green Star Awards 2017

Deadline: January 30, 2017

Nominations for the 2017 Green Star Awards are now open! The Green Star Awards recognize outstanding individuals or organisations that have made remarkable efforts to prevent, prepare for, and respond to environmental emergencies – as well as to integrate environment with humanitarian action across the world. GSA celebrates outstanding efforts to address the environmental and humanitarian impacts of disasters and conflicts.

Environmental emergencies are disasters (such as industrial accidents, earthquakes, or conflicts) where there is both severe environmental damage as well as harm to human health and/or livelihoods.

Entry Categories

The biennial Green Star Awards recognize individuals, organizations, governments and companies who demonstrate achievements in the following categories

  • prevention and preparedness,
  • response to environmental emergencies
  • environment and Humanitarian Actions

Selection Criteria

Prevention and Preparedness

  • Played a critical role in preventing or preparing for future environmental emergencies through effective advocacy efforts;
  • Demonstrated strong support to developing national and regional capacities to prevent and prepare for environmental emergencies;
  • Manifested outstanding achievement in capacity-building missions for prevention and preparedness;
  • Demonstrated effective development of education and training courses on environmental emergencies.


  • Demonstrated exemplary leadership and/or substantial support in response to one or more environmental emergencies;
  • Demonstrated outstanding results in coordinating response to one or more environmental emergencies;
  • Proven record in building regional, national or community response capacities.

 Environment and Humanitarian Actions

  • Proven record in integrating environmental issues into decision-making and into the relevant stages/cycles of humanitarian response;
  • Demonstrated marked improvement in consideration of environmental issues in humanitarian action based on lessons learned and best practices;
  • Demonstrated effective leadership in awareness-raising on environmental issues in humanitarian action;
  • Demonstrated creative solutions or innovations in the area of environment in humanitarian actions.


Download or complete the online nomination form here.

For more information, visit Green Star Awards