Enactus Nigeria National Competition 2016

Enactus Nigeria National Competition 2016

Deadline: Not Specified

The Enactus Nigeria National Competition is a showcase of the quality of impact Enactus teams are achieving improving the quality of life and standard of living of people in need throughout the country. As Enactus’s signature national event, the national competition brings together a national network of over 2000 students, academic and business leaders and provides a platform to demonstrate how Enactus members around the country are enabling progress through entrepreneurial actions.

Whilst the opportunity for Enactus students to interact with and engage top CEOs and people from all spheres of life and different social status exists, the motivation for an Enactus student is really to be part of the solutions, the opportunity to create value, transform lives and enable progress with their ideas and actions; and the opportunity to share their story of human empowerment and community development on a global stage before a panel of top MDs and CEOs starting at the Enactus Nigeria Competition.


  • The National Competition provides an opportunity for Enactus Students to network with and establish a “Mentor – Mentee” relationship that lingers even beyond the National Competition. The National Competition also provides the rare opportunity for Enactus Students to make new friends from over 40 Enactus teams in over 40 tertiary institutions across the country.


  • Open to Enactus members in Nigerian Universities.

Application Process

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For more information, visit Enactus Nigeria National Competition.