Apply to Coady International Institute’s Leadership Education Programs 2017 in Canada

Apply to Coady International Institute’s Leadership Education Programs 2017 in Canada

Deadline: December 5, 2016 and February 13, 2017

Calling all community advocates, civic leaders, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in development with a global perspective! Apply to Coady International Institute, Canada. Coady Institute’s educational programming includes campus-based programs and in-country training with partners. Their campus programs at StFX University in Antigonish include our flagship 20-week Diploma in Development Leadership, spring and fall certificates and other specialty programs.

Admission Requirements

  • Relevant years of experience and education in community development work,
  • Member of a civil society, government or private sector organization working to create positive social change,
  • Ability to contribute in a participatory learning classroom experience,
  • Potential to improve and expand the impact of your work as the result of attending a Coady program,
  • Commitment to apply Coady learning in your organization and/or community,
  • Commitment to contribute to on-going learning within Coady alumni networks,
  • All instruction at Coady Institute is conducted in English. Proof of English language skills is required.

Scholarship Information

The Coady International Institute offers a range of full and partial scholarships.

Thanks to the generous financial support of Global Affairs Canada, as well as a number of individual and institutional donors, the Coady International Institute is able to offer partial scholarships to most candidates accepted into the Institute’s training programs. Specific scholarships are available through The MasterCard Foundation Microfinance Scholars Program for certificates in the Coady Institute’s Community-Based Microfinance and Livelihoods and Markets.

The Institute is rarely able to provide 100% scholarship. A limited number of travel awards may be allocated each year for the Diploma in Development Leadership Program. When completing the application form applicants will be asked if they wish to be considered for a scholarship and how they intend to cover the remaining costs of the program such as travel, visa application and fees not covered by a scholarship. Once a candidate is accepted into a Coady program, s/he will be informed of the level of scholarship support offered as well as the balance of costs for which the candidate is responsible.

How to Apply

Choose a program to apply to

Remember – apply as early as possible to be considered for scholarships, which are available for qualified candidates.

For more information, visit Coady Leadership Education Programs.