HMRC Tax Professional Graduate Programme in the UK 2017 (Paid Position for Recent Graduates)

HMRC Tax Professional Graduate Programme in the UK 2017 (Paid Position for Recent Graduates)

Deadline: November 14, 2016

Applications are invited for the HMRC Graduate Programme, a Tax Professional Development Programme for recent graduates. The work that HMRC does is vital for the UK economy. They need people with the potential to become part of the highly trained cadre of tax professionals who tackle the most challenging aspects of tax work in HMRC. The Tax Specialist Programme exists to identify and develop these people.

The programme is designed to give you a broad insight into the range of the tax work HMRC undertakes. It’s the perfect foundation for a wide-ranging career, and offers the opportunity to find your way as you develop. HMRC will encourage and support you in exploring and developing your own particular skills and knowledge.

Successful applicants will start work on 7 September 2017.

About the Training programme

This is an intensive 3-year programme designed to equip you with both technical (tax) knowledge and the professional skills you will need to apply that knowledge when dealing with your customers.

Stage 1 provides you with a broad foundation of knowledge and skills across different areas of tax. Stage 2 deepens your tax knowledge and also builds your broader professional skills and other competences that HMRC needs from its future tax professional leaders. During this time, you will be working towards gaining an externally accredited qualification.

Throughout, you will be working with and learning from an experienced team, and your responsibility will increase in line with your knowledge and confidence. Before you know it, you’ll be carrying out interviews and site visits, and perhaps even leading a team.

Your programme will include:

  • practical work experience in teams, on live assignments
  • self-study modules
  • tutor-led sessions at one of our training centres
  • ongoing exams and practical work assessments designed to build up your knowledge of tax law and practice
  • regular reviews and appraisals

Salary and Benefits

Starting salary is £27,000 to £29000 rising to £47,000 to £53000 by end of the development program.

If you are successful and complete the programme you will be promoted to a Grade 7 post. This is an important role in HMRC. The current pay scale for a Grade 7 in HMRC begins at £48,389 pro-rata (National), £54,461 pro-rata (London).


  • For Tax Specialist Programme you must have a 2:2 degree at application stage or the expectation of a 2:2 degree before September 2017.
  • The HMRC Tax Specialist Programme is open to applicants who are:
    • European Economic Area (EEA) nationals, including British citizens
    • Commonwealth citizens
    • Swiss nationals
    • In some circumstances, Turkish nationals

They are looking for people who demonstrate enthusiasm, and are:

  • independent thinkers who can confidently express their views and make decisions
  • strong analytical thinkers and problem solvers who can work out what needs to be done and take pride in doing it to completion
  • committed, with determination and resilience, to complete an intensive 3-year training programme
  • team players who can also exercise their initiative
  • adaptable to shifts in business focus and the needs of HMRC’s customers, so people they deal with have no doubt about their integrity and professionalism

The Tax Specialist Programme is particularly suitable for people who are enthusiastic about:

  • dealing with people
  • tackling complex issues
  • using their intellect and solving problems
  • investigating and finding out how businesses function
  • analysing and interpreting information
  • persuasive communication: influencing, negotiating and challenging

How to Apply

Applications for the programme are made through the Civil Service Jobs site.

PLEASE NOTE: To be able to apply for HMRC’s TSP you must have the UK government’s permission, in the form of a visa, to live and work in the UK for the duration of the programme. If you do not have the UK government’s permission, your application will be rejected.

For more information, visit HMRC Graduate Programme.