8th Transparency International School on Integrity in Lithuania (Scholarships Available)

8th Transparency International School on Integrity in Lithuania (Scholarships Available)

Deadline: May 1, 2017

Applications are now open for the 8th Transparency International School on Integrity, an annual state-of-the-art anti-corruption and accountability training for future leaders. This year, the event will take place on 10-16 July, 2017 in Vilnius, Lithuania. TI School on Integrity exposes its participants to the latest developments in the field of anti-corruption and accountability and offers real opportunities to try and implement their ideas in practice.

The program seeks to create a peer-to-peer learning and integrity-building environment that links theory with practice and helps young leaders to acquire better skills in bringing the anti-corruption message across. School lectures, seminars, training and field trips provide participants ofTI School on Integrity with a unique blend of international and local know-how, while also challenging the students to approach the subject from outside the box and offer novel, previously untested solutions. The lectures are held at the Mykolas Romeris University student campus.

Cost and Scholarship

The fee for TISI 2017 is EUR 600. It covers:

  • tuition fee
  • course material
  • accommodation
  • meals
  • extra-curricular activities

A limited number of scholarships is available for students from certain countries. Full scholarships cover transportation, tuition and accommodation expenses.

In certain cases, students may be also offered partial tuition fee waivers to cover a part of their course expenses. Students seeking to receive full or partial scholarships are encouraged to apply as soon as the application process opens. If you wish to apply for a scholarship, make sure to fill out the appropriate section in the online application form, stating your reasons for applying.

Please find the list of countries from which applicants are eligible for full or partial scholarships: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Iceland, Latvia, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Turkey and Ukraine.


  • TISI is for senior students, graduates and young professionals eager to learn how to make a stand against corruption and to achieve greater transparency in their country.
  • The school is open to Senior students, graduates and young professionals under the age of 35.
  • Individuals from public, private, non-governmental and academic sectors, from all academic backgrounds can apply


To apply,

  • Fill out and submit the online application form.
  • The following documents are required in order to complete your application:
    • Europass Curriculum Vitae (CV);
    • Motivational letter (max 500 words);

NOTE: Deadline for scholarship applications is 1 May 2017, for non-scholarship applications –15 May 2017.

For more information, visit Transparency International School on Integrity