Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellowship 2017 for South Africans

Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellowship 2017 for South Africans

Deadline: May 12, 2017 and August 18, 2017

Applications are ongoing for the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellowship 2017. This is a university fellowship to develop Southern Africa’s future responsible entrepreneurs. The Foundation believes that building entrepreneurs is the best way to create a prosperous, happy and fair future for South Africa. They are looking for people who want to make a big impact – not just in their own lives, but also in their community, city and country. They give you the best chance to build the life that you want for yourself, your family and your community by supporting your life-journey to create a business that matters.


  • Full cost of university tuition;
  • Full cost of university accommodation plus a meal, book and tutor allowances;
  • A monthly living stipend;
  • Academic support and access to an entrepreneurial and personal development programme;
  • Mentorship, both from individually assigned Foundation employed staff, as well as business Mentors;
  • Access to potential postgraduate funding for graduated Candidate Fellows;
  • No Postgraduate contractual obligation.


  • Open to learners and students from South Africans

Selection Criteria

Fellowship Applicants need to be able to show a track record of leadership or being entrepreneurially minded. The Foundation’s framework to measure this as follows:

  • Achievement Excellence: The ongoing pursuit of excellence with tangible and specific focus on setting goals. A motivation to make a difference and leave a mark;
  • Intellectual Imagination: Demonstrated by an established record of intellectual achievement; an ability to see the unseen, challenge the status quo and suggest that things could be done differently;
  • Courageous Commitment: The courage and dedication to continue, realising that applying consistent commitment has a way of overcoming;
  • Spirit of Significance: A weight of personality that comes from living a life personified by passion and integrity;
  • Personal Initiative: A person who makes things happen and celebrates the satisfaction of bringing new things into being. Independent, proactive and self-starting.

Application Process

Select a suitable category and start application!

For more information, visit Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellowship.