Seed Awards in Science 2017

Seed Awards in Science 2017

Deadline: March 13, 2017

Wellcome Trust invites application for the 2017 Seed Awards in Science for Researchers from lower and middle-income countries. Seed Awards in Science help researchers develop new ideas to make them competitive for larger awards (from us or other organisations). This is open to researchers:

  • at the start of their independent careers,
  • who want to develop ideas outside their discipline or area of expertise.

These awards give scope for innovative methodologies and activities, such as:

  • pilot and scoping studies
  • preliminary data gathering
  • proof-of-principle studies
  • planning sessions
  • collaborative network meetings.

We encourage applications for interdisciplinary research across our Science, Humanities and Social Science, and Innovations funding.


To apply for a Seed Award in Science, you must:

  • have completed a PhD or an equivalent higher degree
  • be based at a host organisation in the UK, Republic of Ireland or an eligible low- or middle-income country (apart from India)
  • receive personal salary support from your host organisation, or have a personal award or fellowship that provides a salary but no research expenses, for the duration of the Seed Award in Science
  • have a research project that is within our scientific remit.

Go to the World Bank website to see a list of low- and middle-income countries.

Seed Awards in Science are not for:

  • discrete projects with no follow-on plans
  • bridge funding or short-term fellowships.

You can’t apply if:

  • you already have funding at a similar level to a Seed Award in Science (or you’ve had it in the 12 months before the closing date for this award)
  • you’ve held a Seed Award in Science in the past
  • your salary comes from Wellcome Trust funding (eg Institutional Strategic Support Fund).

If you’ve already made two unsuccessful applications for this award, you usually can’t submit another application for 12 months.

If you’re based at a core-funded research organisation, you can’t usually apply. Please contact us to discuss your eligibility.


A Seed Award in Science is worth up to £100,000 for a duration of up to two years. The support includesresearch expenses, including research assistance

  • staff
  • materials and consumables
  • animals
  • equipment
  • access charges
  • research management and support costs
  • travel and subsistence
  • overseas allowances
  • fieldwork expenses
  • publication costs
  • clinical research costs
  • other costs

How to Apply

For more information, Wellcome Trust Seed Awards in Science.