DO School – Future of Audio Entertainment Challenge 2017

DO School – Future of Audio Entertainment Challenge 2017

Deadline: July 16, 2017

The Future of Audio Entertainment Challenge is an edition of our Entrepreneurship for Good Program. With its learning-by-doing approach, this program gives you the opportunity to learn innovation and implementation skills by working on a real-life innovation Challenge during 10 weeks at The DO School in Berlin. During the second phase of the program, you will go back home to launch your venture with support from your DO School mentors and peers.

Six major German radio stations, Axel Springer and The DO School challenge you to develop and beta-test an online format or platform that will catapult audio entertainment forward so that it can fulfil it’s mission of providing quality editorial information and entertainment in new and innovative ways. The solution that you will co-create with the other 19 Fellows during the Challenge Lab should be based on a sustainable business model, seize on new ways of making audio content available, and strengthen the traditional role of radio as a public service provider in our digital age.

Program Structure

  • Incubation Phase: During the 10-week long Incubation Phase you will develop your personal venture plan with a support network of experienced coaches. At the same time you will work together with the other Fellows to solve the Challenge, which will teach you the skills and methods necessary to turn an idea into action.
  • Implementation Phase: During this 10 months period you will focus on kick starting and implementing your venture in your home country, while receiving continued online support from the Venture Lab, via the DO School online platform. Fellow ventures come in many shapes and sizes, from social businesses, to non-profit organisations, artistic projects or campaigns – however, they are always focused on helping to solve a relevant issue within the Fellow‘s home country. You will graduate from the Entrepreneurship for Good Program with a successful start-up that is already creating tangible impact in your community.

Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid is available for the tuition fee of the Entrepreneurship for Good Program. If you need financial aid to cover the tuition fee, please fill out all the Financial Aid questions in the application form.


The program is right for you if:

  • You are an enthusiastic and talented person who has proven skills and expertise in the following areas: Developing and/or providing content for new formats (e.g. podcasts, apps, online platforms), radio programming/journalism, storytelling, sound design, music, psychology, marketing, sales,… Of course, they would also love to receive your application if you have other skills or areas of expertise or are working on a venture that you believe will bring a unique and fresh perspective to the solution of the Challenge;
  • You have an idea for or are already working on social impact venture, and now you really want to make it happen. You’re ready to commit 10 demanding, high-energy weeks in Berlin to work on the Challenge and develop your venture further, in addition to the following 10 months at home which you will spend bringing your idea to life;
  • Your knowledge of English is good enough to participate in a program entirely conducted in English.

Application Process

All interested applicants are to complete the online application here.

  • The Early Bird Deadline is May 31, 2017 for all applicants. Especially those who need a visa and those who want to maximise their chances of getting admitted to the program.
  • The Late Deadline is 30th June. If there are spaces left, this deadline is open for applicants who don’t need a visa.

They have a rolling admissions process and only have 20 spots available for this Fellowship, they encourage you to follow the Early Bird application deadline. The earliest you submit your application, the more spots will still be available.

Program Timeline

  • Incubation Phase in Berlin – August 28 – November 4, 2017
  • Implementation Phase in Fellow’s respective country of residence – November 5, 2017 – Incubation Phase in Berlin (28th August – 4th November 2017)
    Implementation Phase in Fellow’s respective country of residence (5th November 2017 – August 24, 2018) August 2018)

For more information, visit The DO School – Future of Audio Entertainment Challenge.