Civic Innovation Lab Acceleration Program for Start-ups 2017

Civic Innovation Lab Acceleration Program for Start-ups 2017

Deadline: September 4, 2017

The Civic Innovation Lab invites applications for their Accelerator Program. The Civic Accelerator Program (CAP) is a 3-month program that supports early stage enterprises with solutions to critical social issues. The program will enable entrepreneurs launch innovative and scalable social ventures that solve civic and environmental issues in Nigeria.

The civic accelerator program is a tool for development, growth and support for early stage startups. The program will provide value through trainings, consultancy, and productivity management strategies that will enable the startups scale and attain sustainability.


  • Trainings: Program curriculum is led by experienced individuals who have demonstrated significant entrepreneurial success, remarkable leadership, and business acumen. These are individuals who are committed to accelerating the impact and financial sustainability of social enterprises.
  • Access to Networks: Startup ventures will receive access to a robust network of professionals ready to assist with projects. Tailored support will be offered within the areas of marketing, law, accounting, bookkeeping, financial modeling, pitching and more.
  • Networking Opportunities: Startup ventures in the accelerator program will be able to expand their networks at our weekly networking mixers, where they will meet with influencers, executives, investors, donors, public officials, policymakers, and business  leaders.
  • Office Space: Startup ventures will become members of the Civic Innovation Lab throughout the 3-month accelerator program. Startup ventures will get provisional membership perks and benefits which include use of their co-working desks, WiFi, printing, mailing correspondence, conference room, meeting space, etc.
  • Peer Learning: An important component of the program is building a trusted network of like-minded entrepreneurs. Startup ventures will get the opportunity to learn from one another, find solutions, and share challenges, resources, and successes.
  • CIL Team: The Civic Innovation Lab team will be providing assistance to the startup ventures, for the duration of the program, by helping to make timely connections with potential clients, policymakers, government officials and mentors.
  • Workshops: The startup ventures will have free access to some of the Civic Innovation Lab‘s regular workshops on topics relevant to entrepreneurs and small businesses. These workshops will allow startup ventures in the accelerator program to gain more insight into the process of building a scalable business.
  • Access to Investors: After the 3-month program, and a successful pitching session at the Demo Day, finalists will have access to the Civic Innovation Lab’s networks, connecting them to potential investors, partners and mentors.


The Civic Accelerator Program is for early stage ventures who have groundbreaking solutions to social and civic problems. Civic Innovation Lab is looking for creative teams with innovative technology solutions that addresses our common problems as a society.

All applicants should possess the first quality, and one or more of the others:

  • Entrepreneurs/ventures whose business model is built around providing solutions to social, cultural or environmental problems;
  • Innovative and scalable businesses whose solution utilises a digital or technological element;
  • A business with a sustainable model. They believe that in order to make a true long-term impact, a viable plan for revenue streams must be created;
  • A team with relevant experience and complementary skills as well as a high degree of commitment. They believe that the capacity and commitment of the team is most essential to achieve the vision.

For more information and application, visit Civic Accelerator Program.