Calling Music Makers Worldwide: Red Bull Music Academy 2018 in Berlin (Fully-funded)

Calling Music Makers Worldwide: Red Bull Music Academy 2018 in Berlin (Fully-funded)

Deadline: September 4, 2017

Applications for the 2018 Red Bull Music Academy in Berlin are open. Red Bull Music Academy heads to Berlin next year, and is now inviting music makers worldwide to apply to take part. The 2018 edition will mark 20 years of traveling the globe, celebrating the stories behind the music that moves us. The Red Bull Music Academy is a world-traveling series of music workshops and festivals: a platform for those who make a difference in today’s musical landscape.

Every Academy is a world of its own, offering new insights and perspectives on sound. 60 up-and-coming musicians are selected for each edition of the Academy, where they hear lectures from artists who have shaped music history, exchange knowledge in all-night studio sessions and collaborate with their peers from around the globe.

At the same time, the Academy programs a month-long festival of public concerts and club nights across the city. It all makes for a place where influential musicians meet a new generation, in a setting where both sides can learn from each other and celebrate music’s past, present and future.

If you too are driven by music in all that you do, the Academy is for you. Producers, vocalists, instrumentalists, songwriters and DJs of all genres and experience levels will be considered. If selected, you would need to be free to join either Term 1 (September 8 – 21, 2018) or Term 2 (September 29 – October 12, 2018).


The workshops and sessions are free, and open only to selected participants. The Red Bull Music Academy also covers flights and accommodation costs.


The Academy doesn’t give out certificates or sponsor artists. It’s not about getting discovered by a record label, or learning “how to make it” in the industry. We offer you a unique experience – one you’re likely to never forget – filled to the brim with the inspiration you need to keep making the music that moves you.

Red Bull generally has no interest in using any of the music created at the Academy for anything other than Academy matters, and doesn’t obtain copyrights for any of your work. Creativity is the only currency here. Music is what we live and stand for.


  • Open to anyone with a love for music and a desire to be involved in its evolution. Whether you’re a producer, vocalist, instrumentalist, beat-maker, engineer, songwriter or DJ, you will be considered.
  • To join them on this journey, you don’t need to be able to list the entire No Limit catalog backwards, or know how to disassemble an SP-1200 using only a coin and a toothpick. What they’re looking for is a passion for learning and sharing, enthusiasm for music across genres, and a truly global, open-minded outlook.


By clicking the ‘Apply Now’, you will be invited to enter your email. After doing so, you will be sent a copy of the (fairly lengthy) application form. You’ll find a checklist on the first page of the application form which covers all the elements of the application that need to be included, from your music demo to the filled-out form and two photos. The criteria for applying are also detailed there.

For more information, visit Red Bull Music Academy.