Kectil Web-based Youth Leadership Program 2018

Kectil Web-based Youth Leadership Program 2018

Deadline: November 15, 2017

Are you an emerging leader? Then apply for the Kectil Web-based One Year Developing Country Leadership Program. The goal of this program is to nurture, network, and mentor youth in developing countries who have the potential to be leaders and make a positive difference in their communities, countries, and maybe even the world!

The title “Kectil” refers to the “Knowles Educational and Charitable Trust for International Leadership”. It accomplishes its Mission Statement by (i) facilitating innovative leadership training and (ii) providing a means to allow these highly talented youth become part of a guided network with other similarly talented and passionate youth in developing countries who will support, nurture, teach and learn from each other as they mature. The Kectil Framework embodies both of the goals of the famous African proverb: If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.


  • Participants get access to a web-based mentoring program.
  • Participants get to connect with other students on social media (Facebook & Twitter) with facilitated web-based group discussions.
  • Participants get access to intensive leadership training, innovation and entrepreneurship workshop, meetings with successful leaders, and creation of network of youth peers in developing countries.
  • Access to alumni web portal is guaranteed.


  • Youths aged 17-26, in least developed and developing countries are eligible.
  • Youths who have demonstrated a talent and passion for leadership, scholarship or innovation.
  • Intending applicants should be proficient in English.
  • Intending applicants must have access to a computer and the internet.


  • Interested applicants must first register and apply online.

For more information, visit Kectil.