King Hassan II Great World Water Prize 2018 (Cash Prize of $100,000 USD)

King Hassan II Great World Water Prize 2018 (Cash Prize of $100,000 USD)

Deadline: November 30, 2017

Nominations are ongoing for the King Hassan II Great World Water Prize 2018. Working towards creating global awareness and taking concrete measures to promote the cause of water is the underlying rationale behind the awarding of the King Hassan II Great World Water Prize, a world-renowned and prestigious policy tool.

Falling within the overarching framework of “Cooperation and solidarity in the fields of management and development of water resources”, this Sixth Edition of the Great Prize will reward the candidates making contributions around the specific theme of “Working towards greater solidarity and inclusion in order to ensure water security and climate justice.” The Prize is awarded every three years on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the World Water Forum.

After Kyoto in 2003, Mexico in 2006, Istanbul in 2009, Marseille in 2012 and Daegu-Gyeongbuk in 2015, the Prize will be awarded for the sixth time during the 8th World Water Forum, which will take place in Brasilia, Brazil, on March 18, 2018.


  • During the Award Ceremony, a trophy and a certificate are awarded to the winner, thereby enjoying worldwide recognition and international exposure, along with a check of $100,000 USD.


  • The Prize may be awarded to either an individual, a group of individuals, an institution or an organization recognized by the Jury members as having a major contribution in the furtherance of solidarity and inclusion towards greater water security and climate justice;
  • The contribution may be scientific, economic, technical, environmental, social, institutional, cultural or political;
  • The candidate may not have been involved in recent competition for other water-related prizes, and is not allowed to propose the same work as for another prize.

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation of the application will be based on the following selection criteria:

  • The King Hassan II Great World Water Prize rewards the candidate’s excellency and distinguished achievements in the fields relating to the specific theme of the Prize;
  • Such excellency can assume the form of either an enduring work or the performance of an outstanding one-off achievement;
  • No preference will be given to the candidate’s nationality, sex, language, profession or religion.


To submit a nomination to the King Hassan II Prize, nominators and nominee(s) are invited to fill in the online nomination form. This can be done by nominators or by nominee(s) alike. Please follow the process as detailed below:

  • Prepare the following documents before filling in the nomination form:
    • Curriculum Vitae or Organisation’s brochure of the nominee(s) (PDF, 2MB maximum).
    • Two nomination letters signed by Nominators (PDF, 2MB maximum).
    • A brief overall summary demonstrating how the nomination contributes to the evaluation criteria;
    • A detailed presentation (up to 2,000 words, PDF, 2MB maximum) demonstrating the achievements of the nominee and their relevance to the specific theme of this Sixth edition of the Prize.
  • Review the Nomination summary and validate.

For more information, visit King Hassan II Great World Water Prize.