Call for Proposals: Norad Funds for Women’s Rights 2018-2020

Call for Proposals: Norad Funds for Women’s Rights 2018-2020

Deadline: October 15, 2017

Norad’s Civil Society Department is please to announce a call for proposals for efforts concerning Women’s Rights for Civil Society Organizations. It will be possible to address the application to one or both of the Grant Scheme Allocations.

The two Grant Scheme Allocations are the following:

  • Funds for efforts supporting the follow-up of 1325- Women, Peace and Security: The implementation and follow-up of SCR 1325 – Women, Peace and Security and subsequent resolutions on women, peace and security is a priority for the Norwegian government, reflected in the National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security (2015-2018). Support to civil society organizations that promote women’s participation and gender equality in peace and security is a part of this overall effort. During the period 2018-2020, Norad intends to support national and international civil society organizations in their efforts to strengthen women’s effective influence in peace processes and post-conflict contexts.
  • Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (Women’s Economic Participation and Empowerment and Women’s Political Participation and Empowerment): The Sustainable Development Goals put gender equality at the heart of the international agenda. The cornerstone of Norwegian development cooperation is the promotion and respect of fundamental human rights. Last year the Norwegian Government launched a new Action Plan for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Foreign Development Policy 2016-2020. The plan has five priority themes, but this call for applications is limited to “women’s economic participation and empowerment” and “women’s political participation and empowerment”. The application must clearly demonstrate how the intervention will contribute to these priority themes.


  • The amount available will be dependent on parliamentary appropriations, but it is expected that there will be NOK 20 million on Grant Scheme Allocation number 1 and NOK 30 million on Grant Scheme Allocation number 2.


  • Applicant must be an independent legal entity with its own articles of association and a responsible board. The board should be administratively separate from the day-to-day operations of the organization;
  • National and International civil society organizations and networks may apply. National or regional south based organizations or south based networks will be prioritized;
  • Have an adequate economic base for the work to be carried out, and the necessary technical and administrative competence to implement the projects;
  • For projects with field-based operations: Have an established cooperation with local partners;
  • Have documented experience and expertise within the prioritized thematic areas for this grant scheme;
  • The proposal must have women’s rights and gender equality as the main objective;
  • The proposal must be within the priority themes specified above;
  • The period of support is one to three years;
  • Adhere to the four cross- cutting issues in Norwegian development cooperation: human rights, women’s rights and gender equality, environment and climate change, and anti-corruption. The organization must demonstrate that they have analysed potential risks associated with the planned project/programme and whether it will potentially have a negative impact on the cross-cutting issues.


The application process will consist of two parts:

  • In the first round, applicants are invited to submit a concept paper. The deadline for the first round will be October 15, 2017. See template of Concept note and organisational self assessment.
  • Based on the Concept Paper, selected candidates will be invited to submit a full project proposal. The deadline will be December 15, 2017.
  • Please submit your application (using the required templates) with attachments electronically to [email protected]

For more information, visit Norad Funds for Women’s Rights.