Play Your Airport International Challenge 2017 (Win a trip around the world + €3000)

Play Your Airport International Challenge 2017 (Win a trip around the world + €3000)

Deadline: November 13, 2017

Groupe ADP is offering you a unique experience: Reinvent the customer experience in the airports of the future! Push the boundaries of technology and passenger habits in today’s airports to revolutionize the passenger experience and put forward your idea for a smart and eco-friendly airport.

As well as the one-of-a-kind opportunity to pitch your project to an audience of professionals, the winning team will take to the skies for a round-the-world trip! And there are a whole range of other prizes up for grabs by participants. Because they value collaboration, you’ll keep all intellectual property rights to your project following the challenge.


Your project could fall under one or several of the following categories:

Bear in mind that these categories and areas to consider are given here to inspire you, not as an exhaustive list of ideas! All projects that are designed to improve the airport of the future are eligible to take part in the challenge.

  1. The airport in the city
    • In tomorrow’s world, what services could be available directly in cities? (e.g. baggage check-in? Security checks? etc.)
    • An idea for an app or a site to make your life easier before even getting to the airport?
  2. From the city to the airport
    • How could you simplify passengers’ journeys from their home or hotel to their plane seat, or even to their final destination?
    • How could you help to transport luggage? Should it follow its owner’s route or could you simplify travellers’ lives using smart or autonomous baggage, for example?
    • How could smart vehicles or the sharing economy lead to faster, more efficient, cheaper or less polluting transport?

Your Mission

Major international airports are seeing their passenger numbers increase year on year. New technologies also bring with them a whole host of solutions designed to improve the daily lives of millions of passengers and employees. People’s behaviour, methods of transport and technology are all constantly changing, meaning that the airport of the future won’t necessarily look like the airports we know today.

Airports are located on the periphery of urban areas, and so it’s important that in the future, a range of solutions can help to improve interfaces between cities and airports.

It’s over to you to reinvent the customer experience in the airports of the future.

Any and all projects that are designed to improve the airport of the future are eligible to take part in the challenge. Bear in mind that we’re not asking you for a catalogue of ideas setting out the airport of the future as a whole – instead, we want you to focus on one or several ideas that you’ve looked into in as much depth as possible and that could be integrated into the airport of the future.


  • First Prize: Each team member will receive a ’round-the-world’ ticket to visit five destinations of their choice, worth €3000.
  • All finalists win a trip to Paris
  • All finalists get access to VIP day


  • Open to students 18 years and above
  • Be currently enrolled in higher education or anyone graduated from an institution of higher education of the territory three years ago in regards of the current school year (2016-2017) or less and able to justify it with a student card.
  • Only one entry per person is permitted in the Challenge

Things to Remember

  • Airports are places that are subject to a number of constraints.
  • As such, your project must of course be compatible with the wide range of security regulations surrounding airports.
  • It will need to take into account the fact that airports are multicultural places visited by people of all ages, some of whom have limited mobility or disabilities.
  • Several kinds of people visit airports: travellers, people who are accompanying travellers, employees, people catching connecting flights, and people who are arriving at or leaving the airport. Your project should improve the airport experience for one or several of these groups.
  • The airport of the future needs to be eco-friendly and include a focus on sustainable development.

How to Participate

Taking part couldn’t be easier!

How it Works

  • Ideation Stage (Until 12 November 2017 – 23.59 GMT+2) –
    For the first stage, you’re asked to submit one document: A brief presentation of your solution in around five slides (PDF format). You can also add any other documents you think will help people understand your solution. The best teams will be selected for the expansion stage.
  • Expansion stage (From 27 November to 17 December – 23.59 GMT+2) –
    With support from their Groupe ADP mentor, the 20 teams chosen by the jury will submit a more detailed document of around 20 slides (in PDF format). They will also produce a short video to introduce their project. In these deliverables, your aim should be to make all of your solution’s features clear. The idea is to win over the jury and get through to the final! You should submit your detailed document directly online via your personal space.
  • Final (25 January 2018) –
    If you’re among the three finalists, your introduction video will be watched by Groupe ADP employees, who will then hold a group-wide vote. Each member of the team with the most votes will receive an iPad. In the meantime, prepare your pitch for the grand final on 25 January, where the special jury will choose who will win the top prize.

For more information, visit Play Your Airport International Challenge.