Mastercard Foundation SEAT Youth Ambassador Program 2018-2019 (Stipend Available)

Mastercard Foundation SEAT Youth Ambassador Program 2018-2019 (Stipend Available)

Deadline: November 30, 2017

Call for applications is ongoing for the Mastercard Foundation SEAT Youth Ambassador Program 2018-2019. The Mastercard Foundation, together with a group of strategic partners, has initiated a collaborative effort to take stock of progress in expanding access to quality, relevant and inclusive secondary education on the continent and to propose a forward looking agenda.

The primary focus of this effort is the role of secondary education in preparing African youth for the future of work and for helping youth to acquire the skills, knowledge, and behaviors necessary to compete and succeed in the job market as responsible citizens, including both informal and formal sectors.

This effort, entitled Secondary Education in Africa Today: Preparing Youth for the Future of Work (SEAT), builds on the World Bank’s Secondary Education in Africa Initiative of 2003 to 2008, which was aimed at African policy makers and development partners, and was intended to take stock of the state of secondary education across the Continent and to identify policy options and evidence based strategies for increased support.

The Mastercard Foundation is convening a group of 5 young people from Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) representing a range of perspectives who can contribute to this project study, both as contributors and as ‘ambassadors.’ Youth Ambassadors will provide insights, inputs as well as direct contributions at important junctures, from design to completion and dissemination of the project’s products.  The Foundation seeks balance in the selection of Ambassadors in terms of region, gender, and experience, including experiences with conflicts, disability, refugee status, education etc.

Expected Tasks

  • Contribute to drafting questions for a survey of youth views and priorities on secondary education in SSA
  • Support in the dissemination of the survey to young people to hit the target of 200 surveys completed
  • Support in the compiling of data and analysis of the survey to feedback into the report
  • Contribute to reviewing the Concept Note and intermediate and final reports of the SEAT initiative
  • Conduct small focus groups with other young people to gain a better youth perspective and ensure the greatest amount of voices are heard and included
  • Participate in 1-2 Ministerial conferences or other meetings in person (likely in Africa)
  • Participate in 5-7 virtual meetings (primarily via conference call or Skype)
  • Provide feedback and editing of report on youth views on secondary education, in partnership with ADEA
  • Serve as author(s) or co-author(s) of 2-3 youth blogs on this subject
  • Participate in the launch of the Secondary Education in Africa Today (SEAT) report in late 2018 and early 2019
  • Help to disseminate the report and publicize it through personal and professional networks
  • Contribute to discussions via a WhatsApp group of young people to be able to respond to real-time questions for the report


  • The Foundation is able to offer a modest stipend to Ambassadors to compensate them for their time in this initiative. Additionally, the Foundation will cover costs of participation, including attendance at meetings (i.e. travel, meals, and accommodation) and other incidental costs.


  • Open to African youth living on the continent of Africa;
  • The age limit of the youth who can apply should be 35;
  • No degree required but the applicant should have completed the secondary education.


The candidate should submit an essay and a CV to [email protected] no later than November 30, 2017 at midnight (12:00 am) GMT.

Essay (500 words)

Based on your experience, what is the most important challenge you faced in secondary education? How might you raise awareness or mobilize others around that challenge? You could use one or a combination of medium (e.g. essay writing, drawings, video clips, podcasts) to answer the question.

For more information, visit Mastercard Foundation SEAT Youth Ambassador Program.