Design for Intelligence Internship at Microsoft India (Spring/Summer 2018)

Design for Intelligence Internship at Microsoft India (Spring/Summer 2018)

Deadline: February 28, 2018

This spring/summer, Microsoft is offering an internship program for students who are passionate about Human-AI relationship, interaction and designing for it. The opportunity is based out of Hyderabad, India.

India offers a diverse, unique and complex set of human problems that beg for robust and sustainable solutions. Among many other relatively recent influences, rapid technological advancements in the area of infrastructure and policy development are key. This is leading to faster execution and growing access to technology. These developments are playing a catalytic role in solving many of these problems. India is seeing a current trend of technology development that is directed towards inclusivity. Microsoft believes that AI can and will play an important role in this path.

The internship would offer students to be a part of a global student team and leverage a unique opportunity to immerse themselves and understand the India context. The team would learn and apply their knowledge to explore Human Centred application of AI and Human-AI interaction. The outcome could range from identifying AI opportunities in India (leading to new product ideas), prototyping new ideas, designing patterns and standards for Human-AI interactions for MS products, or even envisioning new paradigm in Human-AI interaction.


  • Opportunity to work on existing projects with a world class design team.
  • Stipend available.
  • Microsoft would take care of the student’s accommodation and provide the student with a monthly internship stipend.


  • Students across the world are eligible. International students are especially welcome to apply.
  • The student must have core interest/ and experience working in the area of Human-AI relationship and interaction, or a similar field.
  • HCI or Design background is not mandatory.


Students would need to submit:

  • A cover letter (Include expression of interest, preferred duration and time of the internship)
  • A one-page profile
  • A project portfolio
  • A recommendation letter from a faculty member

On receipt of the application, they would review the submission and setup up a time to talk to you. Once selected, Microsoft (India) University Connect team would work closely with the student and the university to process all the formalities, contracts, legal matters, permits, etc.

For more information, visit Design for Intelligence Internship.