Terra Foundation International Research Travel Grants 2018 (for US-based Scholars)

Terra Foundation International Research Travel Grants 2018 (for US-based Scholars)

Deadline: January 29, 2018

The Terra Foundation International Research Travel Grants offer US-based scholars working on American art and visual culture prior to 1980 the opportunity to conduct research abroad. Grant funding is available for projects that require study of materials outside the United States and that will enable scholars to:

  • Discover new primary source material;
  • Experience works of art first-hand in museums and private collections;
  • Make contact with artists, critics, art dealers, archivists, curators, and university scholars;
  • Consult archives and library collections outside the US;
  • Establish professional networks for future research.


  • Up to ten doctoral, postdoctoral, and senior grants are awarded annually as follows:
    • Up to $6,000 per grant for doctoral students
    • Up to $9,000 per grant for postdoctoral and senior scholars.
  • Grant funds will be disbursed in two installments. The first installment (80% of the total grant) is paid before the recipient’s departure from the United States, in May or June 2017. The second installment (up to 20% of the total grant) is paid to the recipient after receipt of the final report.
  • Funds may be used for transportation, lodging, meals, and research fees and expenses of the Grantee only (not family, travel companions, etc). They cannot be used for the purchase of computers or other equipment.


  • Proposals are accepted from US-based doctoral students,  postdoctoral, and senior scholars.

Grant requirements

  • Travel should be undertaken within one calendar year (June through May) after the announcement of the selection results in April.
  • The final report must be submitted within three months of completion of travel. It should include a description of the travel undertaken as a result of the grant, an assessment of the research accomplished, and a financial report detailing grant expenditures.
  • Recipients must acknowledge Terra Foundation support in any publication that results from research conducted during the grant.
  • Travel may not take place prior to notification of the grant award.


  • Access the online application form for Terra Foundation International Research Travel Grants for US-based Scholars;
  • Review the FAQ for additional information on the online application process.

For more information, visit Terra Foundation International Research Travel Grants.