Ashoka India’s Youth Venture Programme 2018 (Fully-funded)

Ashoka India’s Youth Venture Programme 2018 (Fully-funded)

Deadline: February 24, 2018

Applications and nominations are invited for Cohort 8 of the Ashoka’s Youth Venture (India). Ashoka’s Youth Venture programme is an international community of young changemakers, with over 6,000 Venture teams in 23 countries across the globe. The programme identifies young people who are leading social impact initiatives and provides them workshop training, mentorship, networking opportunities and fundraising support.

Youth Venture was developed from understanding a key insight of Ashoka Fellows in the field of youth development: one of the most effective ways to engage the youth in the process of changemaking is to help them realize and understand their own ability to make positive social change. As part of its global strategy, Youth Venture inspires and supports young people to launch and lead their own “Ventures” – community-benefiting initiatives, clubs, organizations, and businesses.

Youth Venture India is building an ecosystem of support for the youth to be changemakers by connecting the key stakeholders in the society. In addition to identifying, selecting and supporting young changemakers (Youth Venturers), the programme is also building partnerships with educational institutes, youth organizations, and state governments to help build the ecosystem of support.

They do the following:

  • Find – They find the most important social change ideas
  • Support – They support the entrepreneurs behind them to ensure maximum impact
  • Integrate – They integrate new ideas and initiatives by connecting social, business, financial and university leaders to build an “eco-system” of initiatives that solve the fast-growing social needs of the world.


This programme will help them scale their ventures and develop themselves as leaders for driving social and environmental change.

  • Being selected as a Youth Venturer gives them access to Ashoka’s global network of leaders in the social sector.
  • They participate in four training workshops during their first year of induction.
  • They receive custom-tailored mentorship and fundraising support from Ashoka India and partner organisations

Travel and accommodation costs for out-station candidates and one accompanying elder would be provided both for the Selection Panel in Bangalore and the regular workshops in different cities.


Young people between 12 and 20 years old who:

  • leading social change and creating an impact on their communities
  • have credible business plans that will be sustainable
  • exhibit changemaking skills: empathy, creativity, leadership, teamwork
  • have an adult ‘ally/advisor’ willing to support, but not control the venture
  • work with a strong team


The process includes five stages:

  1. Fill the online APPLICATION FORM (the program may provide online forms translated in various languages)
  2. Internal vetting -performed by the internal Youth Venture team
  3. In case the initial selection is successful, you will participate in a 2-day SELECTION PANEL where you will have the opportunity to pitch your venture
  4. In case you pass the three different stages successfully – you are in!

The first round of screening would be based on the detailed form. Nominees who pass this round would be invited to pitch their venture/initiative/project at the Selection Panel, a 2-day event in Bangalore (travel and accommodation expenses would be covered). If they pass the Panel they become Youth Venturers!

For more information, visit Ashoka India Youth Venture.