Migration Media Award for Journalistic Excellence 2018 (Prizes between 750 – 1500 Euros)

Migration Media Award for Journalistic Excellence 2018 (Prizes between 750 – 1500 Euros)

Deadline: May 15, 2018

Are you a journalist dealing with migration in the Euro-Mediterranean region? Submit entries for the 2018 Migration Media Award. The Migration Media Award (MMA) recognizes and rewards the journalistic excellence, relevance and newsworthiness of press pieces dealing with migration in the Euro-Mediterranean region in all its aspects.

For its first edition in 2017, the MMA rewarded 35 journalists based in an EU country or a Southern Partner Country (SPC) and had their winning stories published on www.migration-media-award.eu.

In line with the quality and number of applications received last year, this year’s edition will reward up to 48 published stories resulting from time-intensive, un-sensationalistic, in-depth reporting and contributing to balance the narrative on migration, making it, evidence based, nuanced and less polarising.

Award Topics

While the first competition attracted many dramatic stories focusing on refugees and irregular immigration, the 2018 edition of the Migration Media Award will focus on any topic or subtopic related to:

  1. Diaspora: identity, contributions and investments, policies, integration, returnees
  2. Labour migration: skill validation and job matching, mobility, economic contributions and access (banks, loans, social protection, education)
  3. Vulnerable groups: Support and Protection of Victims and Victim-Witnesses Trafficking of human beings, victims of torture and inhuman treatment; minors, unaccompanied minors, families; Women and gender issues; Elders
  4. Legal and irregular migration: asylum procedures, refugee rights and status; border management and security; judicial treatment and appeals, detention, readmission and forced/voluntary returns; visas; research and databases


There are six media format categories:

  • Video: a video report (6-12 to 52 minutes) or a coherent series of short videos
  • Radio: a radio report from 6-12 to 58 minutes or a coherent series of short reports
  • Print: a long read or page-length spread with multiple elements
  • Online: an illustrated article (with or without photos, videos, links) for pure players only (not a web edition of another media format), including social media
  • Multimedia: a complex multi-format production mixing videos, photos, sound recording, with web navigation (hyperlinks, maps etc.) such as web-documentaries.
  • Photo: a min 6 max  12 – a coherent series of photos with captions in English, Arabic or French


  • First prizes
    • First video prizes will receive between 1500 and 7000 euro, depending on country and complexity of the 2nd production.
    • First online, radio, print and photo prizes will receive 1500 euro.
    • First multimedia prizes will receive 2500 euro.
  • Second prizes
    • Second video prizes will receive between 1000 and 2500 euro.
    • Second multimedia prizes will receive between 1500 and 2000 euro.
    • Second prizes for online, radio, print and photo will receive 1000 euro.
  • Third prizes
    • Third video prizes will receive 1500 euro.
    • Third multimedia prizes will receive between 1000 and 1500 euro.
    • Third online, radio, print and photo prizes will receive 750 euro.


  • Open to all media outlets and journalists based in countries on both sides of the Mediterranean who have produced journalistic work on the topic of migration;
  • Entries may be submitted by a Media organisation but the prize will be awarded to the journalist who created the work. Thus, the contract for the 2nd production will be either with an individual journalist or with the Media organisation while the 2nd production itself will need to be carried out by the journalist winning the award;
  • Journalists based in the following regions and countries are eligible:
    • All EU Member States
    • All EU South Partner Countries: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia
  • Entries must be in one of the three language categories: Arabic, English or French. Other languages from the EuroMediterranean region are accepted given that entries are accompanied with a translated script in Arabic, English or French;
  • Team application is welcome. However, you need to assign one person as the applicant, who will also receive the award and sign the contract, and clearly describe the role of each member of the team in your application;
  • Freelance journalists can apply. However, it is mandatory that you produce a letter of intent from an eligible outlet to publish your further production, should you win the award.


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For more information, visit Migration Media Award.