Roger N. Baldwin Medal of Liberty Award 2018 (Win $25,000 & a trip to the US)

Roger N. Baldwin Medal of Liberty Award 2018 (Win $25,000 & a trip to the US)

Deadline: May 10, 2018

Human Rights First is accepting nominations for the 2018 Roger N. Baldwin Medal of Liberty Award. The Award is presented by Human Rights First every other year to a human rights organization or activist outside of the United States that has made a distinguished contribution to the protection and promotion of human rights.

The Roger N. Baldwin Medal of Liberty was established in 1989 in honor of the principal founder of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the International League for Human Rights. The award is for those involved in human rights throughout the world are encouraged to nominate individuals or organizations that have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to international human rights advocacy in areas such as the defense of civil society, protection of refugees, combatting of antisemitism and other forms of extremism, promotion of religious freedom, defense of the rights of LGBT persons, and advancement of accountability for human rights abuseamong others.


Criteria upon which the Baldwin Medal is awarded include distinctiveness and effectiveness of the nominee’s human rights advocacy and the degree to which the nominee faces risk as a result of their work.

The Awardee receives a trip to the United States to engage in advocacy and US$25,000.


  • The nominee’s work is unique or particularly distinctive;
  • The nominee’s work has been effective in advancing human rights in a country other than the United States;
  • The nominee faces risk or insecurity as a result of their work; and
  • The nominee would benefit significantly from receiving the Baldwin Award, in the form of enhanced protection, or in any other way.


No person or organization may nominate themselves. Individuals and organizations from the United States are not eligible to receive the 2018 Roger N. Baldwin Medal of Liberty Award. Nominations must be submitted in English.

Please use the form to submit nominations.

For more information, visit Roger N. Baldwin Award.