ASEAN Foundation Model ASEAN Meeting 2018 in Singapore (Fully-funded for Students and Faculty)

ASEAN Foundation Model ASEAN Meeting 2018 in Singapore (Fully-funded for Students and Faculty)

Deadline: April 30, 2018

The ASEAN Foundation is accepting applications for the ASEAN Foundation Model ASEAN Meeting (AFMAM) 2018 in Singapore. The AFMAM 2018 brings together undergraduate students from across ASEAN region to understand diplomacy and how decision-makers of ASEAN member states address regional issues at the ASEAN Summit and other regional ASEAN meetings.

The AFMAM 2018 promises an authentic experience to understand ASEAN. It is an interactive process where YOU, the students, will role-play a senior official of an ASEAN meeting and simulate how an ASEAN senior official engages in various ASEAN meetings. You will understand how ASEAN as an inter-governmental system works and will learn about the decision-making process to understand how regional agreements and cooperation are cultivated. It will be an interesting and enjoyable experience!

Don’t let go of this golden opportunity of becoming a cadre of future young leaders of ASEAN who are outward looking developing networks to collaborate and work together.


  • There is no registration or application fee
  • Round trip air travel from the capital city of the country of origin to the venue in Singapore
  • Accommodation and meals

On top of these, you will have an exciting experience with us and your peers from other ASEAN Member States. It will be an unforgettable lifetime experience to becoming an AFMAM alumni!


Undergraduate Students (Team Members)

  • 18 to 25 years of age when the programme takes place
  • Enrolled as a student at undergraduate level from any disciplines at universities in the ASEAN Member States when the programme takes place
  • English proficient, verbal and written

Faculty Member (Team Advisor)

  • Older than 25 years old when the programme takes place
  • Academic member (lecturer or teaching assistant) of a department or faculty of a university in the ASEAN Member States
  • English proficient, verbal, and written

Role of Faculty Member (Team Advisor)

  • Focal point of the Team
  • Lead and guide the Team
  • Advise and coach the Team related to content (possessing general knowledge on issues related to the AFMAM thematic focus)
  • Allocate time to participate in three to five online preparatory coaching sessions
  • Provide constructive inputs for the improvement of AFMAM


  • Students are required to form a team of eight that comprises 7 undergraduate students (Team Members) and 1 faculty member (Team Advisor). To be eligible, all members in each team, including team advisor, must be ASEAN national and must have the same nationality.
  • Teams comprising different universities, various academic backgrounds, and gender balance are considered advantageous. Students from universities outside the capitals are encouraged to apply.


Please register HERE! For your own convenience, we strongly suggest that you have all the following information and documents of all Team Members and Team Advisor ready at hand before starting data entry:

  • Personal data
  • Full face photo in soft copy (GIF, PNG, JPG, or JPEG file, maximum 150 KBs)
  • Letter of endorsement from respective department/faculty/university for each person (PDF file, maximum 1 MB). This is written in free format on letterhead paper signed by authorised official of your institution verifying the following:
    • For Team Members: name, department, faculty, level (undergraduate), and the current semester you are at
    • For Team Advisor: name and current status at the institution
  • List of five most noteworthy personal achievements of each applicant
  • Team’s motivation statement (not more than 500 words)

In addition to the above requirements, please submit a two-minute creative video which introduce each personnel along with their respective achievements. Furthermore, post it at YouTube account of one of the team’s personnel and share the video link in the “Team’s motivation statement” section. Only successful applicants will be notified

For more information, visit ASEAN Foundation Model ASEAN Meeting.