Nominate a Peacemaker for the Sydney Peace Prize 2019 (Winner receives $50,000)

Nominate a Peacemaker for the Sydney Peace Prize 2019 (Winner receives $50,000)

Deadline: June 30, 2018

Who have you been admiring from afar? Who do you want to see on the Sydney stage? Whose message needs to be heard by the Australian community, media, corporate world and politicians? Nominate them for the Sydney Peace Prize 2019! The Sydney Peace Prize is Australia’s international prize for peace, and each winner inspires us to be the change we want to see.

For over 20 years, the Sydney Peace Prize has brought inspiring and exemplary stories of courage and dedication to global justice to the Australian and Sydney stage. The Prize creates a platform for recipients to spread their messages far and wide, recognises the work of the world’s most effective peacemakers, and honours the remarkable people at the heart of these stories.

Each recipient of the Prize shows us how we can live together in peace, with justice, equality and compassion for those around us, sharing our planet with respect for our environment on which all life depends.


  • The recipient is awarded a $50,000 prize to further their cause of peace with justice and a hand-made glass trophy;
  • They spend a week in Sydney to promote understanding of their work by engaging with the media, addressing the public at the City of Sydney Peace Prize Lecture, and meeting with students at Cabramatta High School’s Peace Day.


  • Everyone can nominate. Whether you’re a Sydneysider, live somewhere else in Australia, or live abroad – the Sydney Peace Foundation welcomes you to nominate.
  • The Sydney Peace Prize is awarded to an organisation or an individual whose life and work has demonstrated significant contributions to:
    • The achievement of peace with justice locally, nationally or internationally
    • The promotion and attainment of human rights
    • The philosophy, language and practice of nonviolence


The Sydney Peace Foundation accepts online nominations, via email, or in writing. Nominations should be accompanied by an explanation as to merit of the nomination against the criteria for selection (approximately 200 words), together with as much relevant supporting material as possible.

Email nominations to the Executive Officer: [email protected] or

Complete the nomination form and post nominations to:

The Executive Officer
The Sydney Peace Foundation
Mackie Building KO1
The University of Sydney, NSW, 2006

For more information, visit Sydney Peace Prize.