Call for Proposals: Earth Journalism Network (EJN) Bay of Bengal Organizational Grants 2018 (up to US$15,000)

Call for Proposals: Earth Journalism Network (EJN) Bay of Bengal Organizational Grants 2018 (up to US$15,000)

Deadline: May 18, 2018

Submit proposals for the Earth Journalism Network (EJN) Bay of Bengal Organizational Grants 2018. The grants are available to support the creation, growth, and capacity building of media and other development or educational organizations that aim to improve the quantity and quality of information about climate change, and access to this information by groups such as women and youth that are most vulnerable to its impacts.

Proposed activities should be designed to contribute towards at least one of the following outcomes:

  • Marginalized coastal communities and/or policymakers in the region have improved and reliable access to quality socio-environmental news and information;
  • Improved organizational capacity to report on socio-environment issues in an accurate and compelling way;
  • Improved organizational capacity to produce greater quantity and quality of socio-environmental news and information;
  • Reduced exclusion of marginalized groups in socio-environmental information;
  • Peer and multi-stakeholder engagement around socio-environmental issues.

Particular attention should be given to the adaptation needs, challenges, efforts and success stories of vulnerable and marginalized communities. While content production is an important aspect of the proposed activities, applications should include some form of networking, knowledge sharing, and/or capacity-building component.


  • The typical grant will be for up to US$15,000 and support a one-year project.


  • Established media organizations, journalism networks, community groups located in the region, universities and journalism schools are welcome to apply;
  • The organizational grants can also be used to support the establishment of environmental journalism networks in places where they don’t exist. In such cases, applicants should note their affiliations with existing media organizations, if applicable, or provide detailed plans about how this project would facilitate the creation of a new organization;
  • NGOs and research institutes will also be considered, but only those with strong media and communication programs who are dedicated to supporting fair and accurate reporting. As Internews is a media development organization, applications rooted in advocacy or political campaigning will not be considered;
  • Activities proposed should support socio-environmental reporting and climate resilience-building in the Bay of Bengal region – specifically in the coastal regions of four Indian states ((Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal), and coastal and floodplain areas of Bangladesh.


  • Grantees are expected to give their full cooperation in monitoring and evaluating the results of the projects, and are encouraged to submit their own monitoring and evaluation plan along with their application. The final monitoring and evaluation plan will be agreed upon by EJN and each individual grantee;
  • Applicants are required to submit a budget. Please build your project budget using this form;
  • Projects that can offer or raise co-financing to complement EJN’s support will be favorably viewed. Please indicate co-financing, if any, in the budget;
  • They expect to update applicants on the status of their proposals within a month after the closing of the call;
  • The website will inform you that your application has been submitted, you will not receive email confirmation.

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For more information, visit Earth Journalism Network (EJN) Bay of Bengal Organizational Grants.