Uncomfortable Revolution Media Fellowships 2018 for Budding Journalists (€2,000 stipend)

Uncomfortable Revolution Media Fellowships 2018 for Budding Journalists (€2,000 stipend)

Deadline: July 15, 2018

Kick off your career in health journalism as a U Revolution Media Fellow. Uncomfortable Revolution is offering four paid, non-residential global media fellowships to budding journalists or influencers who are passionate about changing the way we talk about chronic illness or disability. U Revolution Media Fellowships are meant to support up-and-coming media talent, giving them a launchpad for their future careers.

Pitch your ideas for raw, authentic stories about any health condition: from cancer, HIV/AIDS, and heart disease; mental illness, addiction or eating disorders; to MS and other mobility-affecting illnesses. Fellowships last for a total of 6 months and can be done from anywhere in the world.


A total of 4 Fellowships will be offered: one in each of the following categories:

  • Revolutionary Writing Fellow: Do you just have a way with words? Can you make people laugh, cry, die slowly inside, or scream when you string words together? If yes, then the Revolutionary Writing Fellowship is for you. They are looking for a budding literary artist or journalist to join the first cohort.
  • Revolutionary Visual Art Fellow: You see the world in pictures, and you think an image tells the story best. Whether through photos, cartoons, illustrations, paintings or graphic design, you know how to inspire emotion in people through imagery. If that’s you, you might be the next Revolutionary Visual Art Fellow.
  • Revolutionary Podcast Fellow: You were most likely labeled “chatter-box” at school. And then one day, you realized that you really have a gift for telling narratives in innovative ways. You’ve been dying to create a health podcast that’s awkward, quirky, and real. Sound like you? Welcome to the cohort as the first Revolutionary Podcast Fellow.
  • Revolutionary Video Fellow: You love creating pictures that move. You probably spend hours watching movies and documentary films, and have been thinking about creating something of your own. If you’re a budding videographer, be revolutionary and apply for the Video Fellowship.


  • Fellows will receive a €2,000 stipend (for the full period) to develop a creative work on the theme of awkward conversations that arise from chronic illness or disability to be published on urevolution.com. Fellows are required to specify how they will use their stipend in pursuit of their stories.


  • Open to anyone, anywhere around the world;
  • Ideal candidates are individuals who want to make the world a more uncomfortable place, so that society becomes more inclusive for people living with chronic illness or disability.


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For more information, visit Uncomfortable Revolution Media Fellowship.