Career Milestones: 5 Strategies You Can Use to Qualify for a Better Paid Job

Career Milestones: 5 Strategies You Can Use to Qualify for a Better Paid Job

We would all like to make more money. It doesn’t guarantee happiness, but it can make us more comfortable. We can afford better housing, provide adequately for our children and take better care of our parents. Many of us would like a job that pays more but we may not be sure how to go about getting one.

Read on for some tips.

  • Market yourself as an expert

Your boss and co-workers are already aware of your skills and expertise but do other people know? Seek out opportunities speak at workshops and conferences or appear on TV or radio shows. Offer yourself as an expert commentator to news organizations. You can also set up your own blog or post regularly on professional forums like LinkedIn. These moves will get you in front of potential recruiters and employers who may not have heard about you before.

  • Expand your skillset

If you have exhausted all the options in your current field, you may want to learn something new. You can expand your IT career with this training, boost your writing skills or get some accounting know-how. If you’re not looking to switch fields entirely, opt for courses that are somewhat related to what you currently do. Your boss may find a new, high-paying role for you or you may fit in perfectly elsewhere. Alternatively, you can keep your current job and do some extra work on the side to earn additional income.

  • Develop your leadership skills

Your employer may not think you are ready for supervisory management so you may have to prove it. Offer to head a new project, mentor a junior employee or run a training session. This will show your boss you are ready to take charge. You can also rise up the ranks in a service organization or well-respected club. Skills gained outside the workplace are often transferable so they will serve you well.

  • Update your resume and portfolio

Chances are you have achieved a lot and learned some new things since the last time you looked at your resume. Think carefully about any skills or experiences you gained which would be of interest to employers. Did you gain a certificate? Take a not-for-credit course at a university? Be sure to note it. If you work in a creative field like writing or graphic design a portfolio of your work may be more important than a resume. Put together samples your best work so you are ready to show them to employers.

  • Get better at negotiating

Sometimes getting more money is as simple as asking for it in the right way. A potential employer may offer you less than you’re willing to accept. Before you give up on your dream salary, try to link the remuneration to the level of skill or responsibility involved in the job. If you did your research, you can also mention how much other people in similar positions make. Consider whether you would be willing to accept slightly lower pay in exchange for more vacation time or other perks.

The labor market can be tough, but it is possible to make more money. Upgrade your technical skills, polish your resume and negotiate your way to a better paying job.

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