AfricaCheck Election Fact-Checking and Verification Training Workshop 2018 (Funded)

AfricaCheck Election Fact-Checking and Verification Training Workshop 2018 (Funded)

Deadline: September 24, 2018

Applications are open for the AfricaCheck Election Fact-Checking and Verification Training Workshop 2018. TRi Facts is looking for fact-checking champions to help build in-house fact-checking capacity within media organisations to improve the quality of election reporting and fostering a wider culture of fact-checking.

In November 2018, TRi Facts will be facilitating a fact-checking training workshop for mid-career journalists in Nigeria: Sokoto, Kano, Jos and Yola. The workshop takes standard fact-checking methodology, demonstrated using political and election-specific examples, and integrates it with best-practice lessons on political and election reporting, from interview techniques through to ethics and safety, and includes animated discussions around accuracy, responsibility, and bias in political coverage.


  • All expenses including lodging, internal travel and meals related to participation in the training programme will be covered by the organiser. This funding does not cover salaries or per diems and there is no payment for submission of fact-checking reports;
  • On completion of the programmes, TRi Facts will provide:
    • A certificate of completion.
    • An opportunity to have your fact-checking reports distributed via Africa Check’s channels should they meet certain standards.


  • Open to mid-career journalists in Nigeria;
  • Applicants should be in one of these cities: Sokoto, Kano, Jos and Yola;
  • Be prepared to commit yourself to a two day training workshop;
  • Commit to be champion fact-checkers within your organisation and partner organisations;
  • Commit to produce fact-checking reports (on a regular basis).


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For more information, visit AfricaCheck Election Fact-Checking and Verification Training Workshop.