The Importance of Learning a Foreign Language

The Importance of Learning a Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language involves commitment but also a great deal of passion, you can’t really go on achieving full fluency if you aren’t truly dedicated to the language you want to learn.

There are more than 6,500 languages spoken worldwide at the moment, and each one is essential in preserving culture, keeping communities together and of course, advancing human progress and knowledge. Being fluent in just one language in today’s society would be a waste of potential and will definitely narrow your liberties in life.

Why has language acquisition become so crucial in today’s society?

If you want to be successful or to improve your chances of success in any domain, being fluent in more than one language has become essential. In the past native English speakers weren’t too compelled to learn a foreign language, but I believe that in 2018 this has essentially become a prerequisite, even for native English speakers.

So let’s focus on the main points in favor of learning a new language in today’s ever so more globalized world.

1. Helps your job and overall professional career

Probably the most critical aspect of learning a foreign language is the undeniable fact that knowing two or more languages can help you on a professional level in a straightforward kind of way.

The level of interconnectedness between countries has never been high as it is today. Therefore every company or business out there may need to hire people that are fluent in two or more languages.

Overseas business opportunities can become a reality overnight even for local businesses, and this is why employers had now begun looking at languages skills when reviewing applicants, even if they don’t need those skills at that very moment, it shows that you are smart and motivated, willing to go the extra mile just to improve yourself.

2. Highly helpful when traveling to a foreign country

Knowing a foreign language can also come in handy when traveling. Personally, I want to get the full experience when visiting another country. I want to understand that country from a cultural perspective, from a religious angle and of course, I want to be able to enjoy their culinary diversity speaking and local tongue.

If you travel a lot, you may need to learn quite a few languages, though you won’t need to be fully fluent, knowing the basics is enough in such situations. This is where language learning apps are the perfect aid, having the essential words and phrases ready for your assimilation whenever you need them right there on your smartphone. Although different apps offer a different number of languages you can learn, the most interactive and immersive app I found was Mondly, providing a whopping selection of 33 languages you can master making possible 1056 language combinations, including some rare combinations like learning Hebrew from Japanese or learning Vietnamese from Bulgarian.

3. You can make a lot more friends and expect your circle of acquaintances

If meeting new people from different cultures and backgrounds is your thing, learning a foreign language may play an essential role.

As a general rule people are way more comfortable once you start speaking their native language, they’ll appreciate it a lot and that’s how friendships begin.

4. Pretty much essential when moving to another country

For whatever reason, you decided to move to another country. Make sure you start learning the language of that country, or you may find yourself in a lot of difficult situations. Knowing the local language can help you navigate your way into all the modern aspects of society without the need of a translator or someone to handle stuff in your place, you can do everything by yourself just like in your country of origin.

5. You simply become a better person

Studies had shown that learning languages keeps your brain active, ensures good mental health and improves your memory. And this is available for all age groups and especially beneficial for seniors.

Learning a new language can also lift up your confidence making you feel better about yourself, this is the kind of achievement that has an impact on your life, you’ll put a lot of effort and determination into such an endeavor making you feel fantastic at the end of it.

A hidden benefit about language learning that few talk about is the fact that once you’ve learned a second language, the third one would be much easier to assimilate. You’ll already have experience on what works for you and what doesn’t, and your brain already functions at top parameters so that language acquisition won’t be a pain anymore and can actually become quite fun.  

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