AFS Malaysia Asia Kakehashi Project for High School Students 2019

AFS Malaysia Asia Kakehashi Project for High School Students 2019

Deadline: December 31, 2018

Applications are open for the AFS Malaysia Asia Kakehashi Project for High School Students 2019. Asia Kakehashi Project is a program for high school students in Asia to study in Japan for 6-10 months.

The Project seeks to build bridge between high school students in Japan and Asia. 40,000 Japanese high school students and 1,000 Asian high school students will be impacted by the project. The selected students will be hosted by Japanese high school with homestay or dormstay and be exposed to Japanese education, culture and local experiences.


  • The program is fully funded


  • All students aged between 15 and 17 can apply for this program
  • You do not need to be the best academically as they are looking for people who are able to adapt, are open and willing to share their culture as well as learn a new one
  • Age requirement:
    • Currently Form 3 (Date of Birth: April – Dec 2003)
    • Currently Form 5 (Date of Birth: May – Dec 2001)
  • Still be at school whilst in the application process
  • Be in good physical and mental health
  • Be open minded, mature and ready for a challenge
  • Academically highly motivated, top-quartile students
  • Be prepared to continue your schooling in a foreign country, and be committed to learn the language
  • Be adaptable, responsible and flexible
  • Be a keen learner and experience the world!
  • Believe and understand the mission of AFS; become a global citizen by going on one of our programs
  • Japanese learners or willing to learn Japanese
  • Financially needed
  • Potential to be future leaders of sending countries

Eligible Countries

China, Korea, Mongolia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bhutan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives


Complete the forms as they apply to you: Malaysian application form | Bruneian application form

For more information, visit AFS Malaysia.