A Guide for Students on How to Nail a Job Interview

A Guide for Students on How to Nail a Job Interview

How to behave correctly in the interview to get a good job and waste no time? This article provides seven basic tips on how to be successful when applying for a job.

7 Tips for Students on How to Successfully Pass a Job Interview

How to find and get a good job if you’re a young graduate who does not have enough experience and good recommendations? How to pass an interview? How to stay calm and what to say? All these questions make applicants anxious, and getting the answers right is a crucial point for your successful employment. Before cracking this puzzle, you have to be aware that your primary goal during the interview is to prove that your knowledge, experience, and skills fit the position in question. To get closer to your dream job, you would need to follow our simple but useful job interview tips. By doing so, you will definitely be remembered by the employer.

1. Collect Information

It might help a lot if you know more about the company you want to work at, its affairs, and, possibly, about the managers you might meet there. To do that, you can collect info from various open sources on the Internet. The company’s website can actually tell you a lot. You can also find people who work or worked before for the company and ask them to clarify the details of your interest. Your awareness will be your strong point during the interview, and it will produce a good impression.

2. Be Properly Prepared

Your appearance and behavior are crucial and essentially determine the first impression you make.

Choose a conservative business uniform for a financial institution. If you are going to construction or design companies, you can dress more casually. Also, if you haven’t done it yet, you should prepare your story of a young aspiring professional. To build it, you can use the STAR technique (Situation-Task-Action-Result).

Be ready for the five most common questions in the interview:

Can you tell me more about yourself??

Why exactly do you want this position?

Can you list your fortes??

What about the weak sides?

What do you see yourself as in 5 years?

Scrutinize the job description and the requirements for applicants. During the interview, you should demonstrate that your choice is conscious, your desire to work is burning, and your knowledge of the trade, company, and the whole industry is profound enough. Also, don’t forget to bring as many documents that confirm your qualification, education, and additional skills as possible.

3. Know Your Self-Worth

Think in advance about the desired level of your wage. Do not be afraid to discuss your salary with the HR manager, especially if you are offered a smaller amount than you count on. You should not only know why you need this position but also understand why it needs you. During the interview, always relate your professional experience or training to the real responsibilities of the job. Prove your competence by focusing on the points speaking in your favor.

4. Be Honest and Polite

There is nothing worse than lying during the interview and then being exposed. Be prepared to clarify the details indicated in your CV.

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Now, let’s get back to our current tips. Your answers must be honest. If you had unpleasant situations, then it is worth considering how to comment in advance.

Tell the truth. Most likely, your excitement and hesitation will be noticed. And, every inaccuracy will inevitably raise doubts and make your story more questionable.

5. Ask Questions

Not only the interviewer has the privilege of asking questions. Be sure to prepare several questions you’re interested in. After all, the employer is not the only one who selects here, but you too have such a prerogative. Also, it will show that you are indeed interested in this job, and you are kept in the loop of the business. But, make sure not to ask more than three different questions unless you are offered with such an opportunity.

6. Avoid Common Mistakes

Scientists have tried to understand why jittery applicants often fail to get the desired job. It turned out that their chances are reduced not by the neurotic behavior, but by the fact that they seem to be unfriendly, incompetent, and even scared. Also, they usually talk more slowly. Hence, try to develop the skills of “selling” yourself the best way and try to avoid these common mistakes.

7. Make the Final Chord after the Meeting

Do not hesitate to ask about the further steps of selection. Remember that when you are to be chosen from several applicants with the same background, your ability to make a favorable impression during the interview will play a decisive role.

Ask when and how you will learn about the company’s final decision and thank the interviewer at the end. After the meeting, you should consider sending an email to the manager’s and say that you appreciate the time and efforts they spent. In that way, you will not only show politeness but also remind them about your candidacy once again.

Now, you know more about how to nail a job interview. Good luck!

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