Apply to become a Gavi Civil Society Organisation (CSO) Constituency Steering Committee Member 2019

Apply to become a Gavi Civil Society Organisation (CSO) Constituency Steering Committee Member 2019

Deadline: February 18, 2019

There are 8 vacancies open on the Gavi Civil Society Organisation (CSO) Constituency Steering Committee 2019. Are you eager to strengthen the voice of civil society in the Gavi Alliance? Do you have a passion for vaccines, health systems, equity, primary health care and social justice? Do you have an understanding of community representation in global health? Are you part of a CSO network of activists? Then send in your nomination to become a Steering Committee member!

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, supports a robust Civil Society Constituency to advise Gavi on its policies and practices, its support the implementation of Gavi’s activities and ensure that the views of civil society are heard and engaged throughout the Alliance’s business. The Gavi CSO Constituency has an 18-member Steering Committee (SC).

Roles and Responsibilities

Representatives serving on the Gavi CSO Steering Committee are asked to:

  • Represent their Organization and share its views and your own views with the Steering Committee
  • Actively engage in Immunisation Coordination Committee, and other national and subnational coordination committees as applicable in your context
  • Keep their organization informed about Gavi and the CSO Constituency and the Steering Committee
  • Work with other CSOs and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) to share Gavi and Immunization-related information; participate in key Gavi-related country-level discussions; consult with other CSOs and NGOs in your country on key issues related to immunisation, represent their views during SC meetings and keep them informed of outcomes and next steps.
  • Where appropriate, meet and share information with colleagues in relevant Government ministries, including the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Development, etc. Within the Ministry of Health, or its equivalent, focus would be on liaising with the Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI) and Health Strengthening Systems (HSS) teams. Share relevant information emerging from these meetings with the Steering Committee and Gavi, when appropriate.
  • If appropriate, meet and share information with WHO and UNICEF representatives in country, as well as with other key actors in immunization and HSS; collect and share country-level information with the Steering Committee and Gavi, when appropriate.


Potential Benefits of Participating in the Civil Society Constituency

  • The opportunity to represent the broader constituency of CSOs and jointly advocate that every person be reached with vaccination and basic health services, wherever they are and regardless of their origin, gender, age and social status, defending the principle of leaving no one behind.
  • The opportunity to attend and contribute to our global, regional and in country activities and events related to immunisation and health systems strengthening
  • Ability to share information on your work with a global group also active in immunisation.
  • Ability to feed into Constituency wide communications activities and coordinate activities around events such as World Immunisation Week, UHC Day, Gavi high level events, etc.
  • Receive regular news and updates on the constituency website, Facebook age and Twitter feed to facilitate sharing of innovative ideas and good practices, lessons learnt and other information.
  • The ability to send your own organization’s news, press releases, events, and notes from the field for posting on the Gavi CSO website and social media interfaces.
  • The opportunity to provide CSO feedback on Gavi Board policy papers and discussions and influence strategies to ensure CSO voices are taken into account at PPC and GAVI board meetings.


  • Open to Medical Doctors, Nursing or any other medical degree, Social Scientists, Economists, Behaviour Change Communications, Gender and health economics etc.

Individuals with experience and expertise in the following areas are sought:

  • Experience in National and sub-national implementation of immunisation and/or health programmes serving underserved communities
  • Ability to collect and communicate country and sub-national experiences regarding CSOs as implementers, TA providers, or advocates
  • Expertise in immunization program policy development, monitoring and evaluation, health systems strengthening, immunization financing and health economics
  • Experience in advocacy and communication
  • Knowledge of pharmaceutical industry
  • Experience of working in nursing associations or any other health related associations


  • Nominees must have experience in issues that are a priority for Gavi. There is an increasing importance being placed on increasing coverage and equity, market shaping for vaccine and related products and integration with links to PHC and UHC.
  • The organisational representative serving on the SC must have authority to represent the organisation. Where the organisation is part of a larger body of associated organisations, the SC representative must have permission to speak on behalf of the larger entity. The representative must also have their organisation’s support and approval to commit a minimum of 10% of their time to the work of the SC and that of the wider Constituency. SC members are expected to be actively and meaningfully engaged throughout their tenure.
  • Ideally, SC members should be able to represent networks and alliances of health organisations in their country, where applicable. The SC member organisation and representative will be accountable for consulting with and reporting to country and global networks to which they belong on a regular basis and as per need, where applicable. SC member organisations should have reliable internet access and be able to cover the cost of at least one international call per month to join SC teleconferences. Where this is not possible, the SC will seek budget support to make this possible.
  • Because the working language of the Gavi CSO Steering Committee is English, all nominees must have a strong command of English, both spoken and written.

Selection Criteria

The shortlisting will be based on required skills, experience and qualifications and the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated experience of designing and managing immunisation or PHC support programmes at national or provincial levels
  • Demonstrated experience in research, or designing/evaluating policies related to immunisation, maternal child or universal health coverage
  • Demonstrated professional achievements in advocacy and or influencing policy-level changes at the country or provincial level
  • Ability to represent broad and diverse civil society spectrum (including multi sector approaches) effectively and actively
  • Demonstrated will to engage actively and dedicate time and energy to the Steering Committee and broader CSO constituency


Nominations must be:

  • in English
  • in Word format (pdf files will not be accepted)
  • in one document (multiple attachments will not be accepted)

And should include:

  • Organisational information (headquarters, branch offices, key areas of work related to immunisation and health system strengthening, contact person submitting the organisational nomination)
  • Brief CV or biography of the individual who would represent the organisation
  • A personal statement from the nominee covering reason for interest, skills offered to the Steering Committee, previous involvement in immunisation and organisational resources to be leveraged
  • Statement from organisation that they are prepared to support the representative for Gavi CSO constituency work at a minimum of 10% time

Please submit your nomination in full to [email protected], they will acknowledge receipt of nomination on or shortly after 19th February 2019.

For more information, visit Gavi CSO.