Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange Ulam Programme 2019

Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange Ulam Programme 2019

Deadline: April 23, 2019

The Director of the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange is pleased to announce the call for applications to participate in The Ulam Programme 2019.

The aim of the Ulam Programme is to increase the internationalisation of Polish HEIs and scientific institutions. The Programme will allow both recognised and promising scientists with at least the doctoral degree, to visit Poland in order to strengthen the scientific potential of Polish entities and to participate in their scientific activities, primarily research projects and didactics.

The Programme will allow to invite scientists from all around the world representing all fields of science to the Polish institutions of science and higher education. HEIs, scientific and research institutes will have the opportunity to invite specialists from their priority areas to Poland – they will make a significant contribution to the research conducted by a given institution, strengthen didactics or support the institution in applying for prestigious grants. The Programme will facilitate a gradual increase in the number of foreign scientists involved in scientific research and teaching in Poland and also enable or deepen international contacts with foreign institutions.


  • Scientists visiting Polish scientific institutions under the Programme will receive a monthly scholarship for the duration of their stay and a mobility allowance, which will allow them to cover the travel costs.


  • Open to an individual scientist who holds a doctoral degree awarded in a country other than Poland, does not hold Polish citizenship and has not lived, worked or studied in Poland since at least 2017. The condition of not being a Polish citizen does not apply to persons who are Polish citizens and whose full cycle of doctoral studies has been financed by the Polish government, as these persons are entitled to participate in the Programme;
  • The Programme is open to scientists representing all fields of science.

Activities implemented in the framework of the Programme

As part of the Programme, possible visits are those whose objective include:

  • Completing the first or a subsequent post-doctoral fellowship;
  • Conducting scientific research, including in cooperation with Polish scientists or research teams;
  • Obtaining materials for research or a scientific publication;
  • Conducting didactic classes at the host


Before applying, applicants are required to view the following programme documentation:

Click here to apply

For more information, visit Ulam Programme.