Veolia Foundation Student Solidarity Award 2019 (15,000 Euros)

Veolia Foundation Student Solidarity Award 2019 (15,000 Euros)

Deadline: April 30, 2019

The 2019 edition of the Student Solidarity Awards is ON! Are you inventing a world of solidarity? Apply now to receive the support of Veolia Foundation. The Student Solidarity Awards encourages initiative taking and involvement of higher education students in solidarity and non-profit making projects.

The award gives priority to innovation in sustainable development and must be related to any of the Foundation’s three main fields: International Development Assistance, Social Bonds and pathways towards employment, Protection of the environment and biodiversity.

The Student Solidarity Award were created by the Veolia Foundation, in partnership with the Veolia Campus and representatives of schools and universities.


  • Financial support in the form of a grant: depending on the requirements and specific features of each project, the jury shares a total grant of 15,000 euros between the three winners. The grant to the first prize winner may be smaller than the one to the second and/or the third.
  • Technical support in the form of expertise, through the employee sponsorship program involving the employees of the Veolia group in France and internationally.


  • Open to student associations in higher education establishments or several establishments grouped together in the framework of a joint project
  • Projects should be from countries where Veolia Group operates in Africa-Middle East, Europe

The following projects are not eligible

  • Temporary projects (exhibitions, demonstrations, symposia, events), even if oriented toward outreach or environmental conservation
  • Artistic and cultural projects
  • Travel projects without any concrete objectives or achievement
  • Projects already completed before June 2017

Selection Criteria

  • Quality of the application – Clarity of exposition, ranking of ideas, relevance of the methodology proposed, overall legibility.
  • Professionalism of the proposed approach – Knowledge and understanding of the local context (limitations, specific needs, etc.), adequate balance between the needs identified and the solutions brought by the project, involvement of the public authorities concerned.
  • Feasibility – Clarity of objectives, technical and financial feasibility, realism of the schedule, experience of the project leader(s), quality of the partners and relevance of the institutional setup (capacity of the participants to achieve the targets set).
  • Impact – Relevance of the indicators proposed to evaluate the economic, social and/or environmental impacts of the project in concrete terms, against the initial targets.
  • Synergies – According to the resources required (technical, financial, human), capacity of the project leader(s) to mobilize cofunding and other outside support.
  • Type of aid sought – The Student Solidarity Awards primarily finance investment and training expenditures, but may if necessary contribute to covering the most strategic operating expenses for the effective implementation of the project (expenses, transportation costs, etc.).
  • Permanence – Consideration of the challenges of human training and development, involvement of local resources, etc.


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