8 Reasons For Millenials To Get Trained In Sales

8 Reasons For Millenials To Get Trained In Sales

The usual life of a millennial is to go on social media, graduate from college, and to get a job that pertains to their major. However, there is one type of training that every millennial should get, and that is sales. It would be a waste for millennials not to learn the strategy of being a salesman. This is mainly because they have all the right technology and skill set, but if it’s not being put to good use, that would be a waste of potential. Therefore, training in the arts of sales can be very beneficial to millennials in every way of life.

If you are a millennial and wondering why you should get into sales, then here are the reasons to get you started.

1. Improve people-skills

Getting straight A’s in college and being able to memorize the textbook, and regurgitate it on an exam is nothing. If you don’t have good people skills, then 9 out of 10 doors will be closed for you. It’s so important to have excellent people skills in order to network and to obtain opportunities. Unfortunately, the majority of the millennials are so stuck on their laptops and school that they tend to lose that confidence and ability to communicate with other people. However, when it comes to sales, it requires a lot of communication and people skills. After all, you cannot get people skills from reading a textbook; you need real-life experience to make mistakes and learn from them. It takes a lot of hands-on approach, practice, and training to excel in communication.

2. Unlimited income

A 9 to 5 job usually entails getting paid by the hour. Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day, and you probably spent the majority of it sleeping and doing other activities, so it’s impossible to be a top earner. When it comes to sales, your earning potential is unlimited. This is mainly based on the fact that you can make money from commissions. Pharmaceutical sales training often teaches their students how to communicate with other healthcare professionals so they can effectively sell their medical products. Usually, a pharmaceutical salesperson will get paid both a fixed salary and a certain percentage of the commission from each sale. That means, if they go above and beyond to make as many sales as they can, they can end up taking home more money than a doctor.

3. Become a more street smart

Streetsmart is definitely not something you can learn in a university; it requires a lot of experience and training. When millennials go into sales, it teaches them a valuable lesson about being street smart. Streetsmart entails having the knowledge and expertise to deal with obstacles in your career or on the streets. In order to have that knowledge, you will need to be faced with the obstacle, make mistakes, and learn from it. That is how you become more streetsmart.

4. Learning to make mistakes

Millennials are often taught how to be perfect and not make a mistake; unfortunately, that can stunt their growth and development. Mistakes are all part of learning because it teaches you how to get up, learn from it, and try not to repeat it. Without mistakes, we will always be stagnant and underdeveloped in our life experience. When it comes to training as a salesperson, you learn mistakes through interacting with people. You end up learning how certain words, phrases, or mannerisms can turn someone off, and you learn to avoid that. However, without these types of training, it would be hard for millennials to grow and develop into successful individuals.

5. Persistent

When you cold call, you will receive more “no” than “yes.” For example, when you call over 100 people, you will only get one person that is potentially interested in your product. This can be very discouraging and would cause anyone to quit. However, in order to be successful in the game of sales, you will have to be persistent and call over 500 people to get an adequate amount of sales. The hardest thing in life is to be persistent, and to get up from failures. This vital lesson will teach millennials how to persevere despite securing a dozen “no” on a daily basis.

6. Confidence

Confidence is not something that people are born with. When it comes to talking to different people, it is understandable to be shy and lost in words. However, if you are being trained in the art of sales, you will learn the essential skills of confidence. During the lesson in sales, you will start getting shaky or stumble on your words, but with a lot of practice, you build up the confidence to talk to anyone. It’s a significant reason why a lot of millennials should consider training in sales to help them boost their confidence. Confidence is a significant attribute that can help open doors and opportunities to you. It takes a lot of practice and overcoming obstacles to have an adequate amount of confidence. Fortunately, with training in sales, you learn to break out of your shell and to adequately express yourself and your product to potential clients. Each time you get a deal closed, it’s a boost your confidence that you are strong and worthy.

7. Discipline

When you’re training to become a salesman, it takes a lot of discipline. You will have to break out of your shell to reach out to people, get prospects, follow up, build a relationship, and close. All the steps require a lot of time and discipline. This is a wonderful characteristic to have as a millennial. Sometimes millennials are so absorbed in technology and social media, that they end up spending their whole time on that. They tend to lack discipline, perseverance, and hard work. Luckily, the training in sales can help millennials garnish that attribute, so they can utilize it later in life to succeed at something else.

8. Networking

The significant part about sales is meeting new people and networking. Networking can help you know the right people to open the door to success. A lot of times, millennials are so focused on university workload or technology that they don’t notice the opportunities around them. Through sales, they will be exposed to a variety of people that may have the potential to change their life. For example, a millennial may end up talking to the CEO of a big tech firm to sell him a software, but at the end of the day, a great conversation can lead to a potential job position in the future. After all, the possibilities are endless in sales.

The millennials are a generation of advanced technology, social media, and online presence. They have the advantage of all the luxuries and advancement in this era. However, if their life skills, experience, and work ethics are not harnessed properly, they would not be able to reap the maximum benefit. Fortunately, when it comes to training in the sales industry, it can significantly help millennials build valuable skill sets in, life that can only lead them to success and more opportunities. If we combine that with the advancements that they have in this generation, it would only lead to an unstoppable force.

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