7 Ways to Use Print Marketing to Boost Sales of Your Business

7 Ways to Use Print Marketing to Boost Sales of Your Business

There are several mediums that you can use to market your business including print marketing. Print marketing is essential in growing your brand awareness and bringing in new customers. Digital marketing is growing every day, and we may forget the impact print marketing has on people. The good thing about it is that it’s cheap with higher returns. Design costs have decreased over the past few years as well with the proliferation of online templates. Sites like My Creative Shop provide all sorts of helpful tools for creating print marketing materials.

Let’s discover the seven ways you can use print marketing to boost sales for your business.

  1. Print Business Cards

Most of the people who have your business card got it from you after you met. You handed the business card to them. They now have your contact.

Making a physical connection with potential customers can help grow your customer base which translates to more sales. So, in your next networking event, you better carry some business cards printed with your business’s name, address and contacts.

  1. Create Stickers

Never underestimate the power of stickers. Ask any politician around, and they will tell you stickers are the best mediums to reach the masses. Moreover, stickers are cheap! They are also easy to distribute. You can attend an event and give them out or give to customers.

The customers will display them on their cars, stick them behind the laptops, in their workplaces or anywhere else where other people can see and learn about your business.

  1. Use Posters and Banners

Large-format graphics always gets attention from passers-by, and they show off your products or announce whatever you are offering. Oversize format printing is the best for making a full-color poster for an upcoming event.

It will help attract customers to your store. You can also have custom vinyl banners printed for you. They can be used indoors or outdoors.

  1. Make Brochures

Brochures play a vital role in boosting your business and communicates to your clients. They engage the targeted audience effectively on behalf of the organization. Brochures contain all the crucial information about your business and the products. They can be given out even at the store.

Brochures are pocket-friendly and effective mode of marketing. Trifold brochure offers the benefit of sharing larger size of information into one document. A trifold brochure may provide more space than a flyer.

  1. Offer Loyalty Cards

Setting up a customer loyalty program is not hard, but it is powerful tool that keeps your customers coming back. Therefore consider using any form of loyalty card with the logo of your company printed on it. According to a study, almost 64% of businesses with customer loyalty program have made more money than what they spent to create it.

A loyalty card is a piece of advertisement that your customers will carry around in their wallets and spread the word. It also helps to create repeat customers.

  1. Calendars

A calendar provides the opportunity to showcase your brand the entire year. The best way to ensure your customers hang them up is by putting content that is relevant to them. For instance, people hang paintings on their walls.

You can create graphic calendars that are appealing. Better yet, you can ask clients to submit images they think are calendar-worthy.

  1. Use Promotional Items

Print your logo on pens, phone chargers, hats, t-shirts, wrist bands, etc. People will get used to seeing them, and the stuff will market your business.

Logo pens and branded clothing are very effective and useful. Investing in a quality garment printer could help you churn out branded clothing fast and you have the freedom to print clothing for events or specialty items. You just have to give them to your customers or employees, and wherever they will use them, people will find out about your business.


Even if you have other channels of marketing, print can still make a significant impact on your sales. As long as you are creative, it will work out.

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