Hydrotherapy: Reduce Work Stress and Improve Wellbeing

Hydrotherapy: Reduce Work Stress and Improve Wellbeing

Stressed out from work deadlines, career challenges and the day to day demands of daily life?

Try hot tub hydrotherapy, a natural way to relax, unwind and improve your wellbeing which in turn, improves your work productivity.

Hydrotherapy uses the effects of water for healing. The body reacts to cold and hot stimuli, which can improve blood flow and nerve function. The water pressure acts as a massage to soothe muscles and joints.

Cold water increases the body’s internal activity and invigorates the system by pushing the blood circulation away from the surface. Hot water slows the body’s internal activity, helps release toxins, and soothes and relaxes the body by encouraging the blood circulation closer to the surface. When the body is under the water, the current massages the body stimulates the skin and give the muscles relaxation.

Hot tubs are well known for their therapeutic hydrotherapy treatments. The warm water and customized massage programs target a number of ailments and illnesses to provide much needed relief. Wondering what some of the major benefits of using a hot tub are? Keep reading below!

  • Muscle and Joint Rehabilitation

The water current compresses your body as you soak. It’s called hydrostatic pressure, and it helps give your muscles more oxygen. It also helps your skin and joints, as the weightless feeling you have in water can help relax the body and relieve pain.

Patients who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis can find that hot tubs and water-based exercise are particularly beneficial for them. It improves circulation and reduces inflammation which can decrease the joint pain dramatically.

  • Stress Relief

Everyone who has ever suffered a stressful day knows that a warm bath or shower is the perfect relaxing end to the day. The warmth soothes the body, relaxes the muscles, and encourages blood circulation. It can also improve your blood pressure, and decrease your pulse rate. The warm water can encourage your body to release endorphin, which is the stress combating hormone that gives us a happy feeling.

  • Improves Sleep

Stressful lifestyles are one of the biggest causes of sleep disorders. Relaxing in a spa pool before bed can result in a much more restful, deeper sleep. Research suggests that even a 15-minute session in a home hot tub an hour and a half before going to bed can improve sleep quality.

  • Improves Immune System

Hydrotherapy helps the body remove toxins, and improves the immune system. It allows hormones to be circulated through the body quicker, and more efficiently. The heat also helps wash the toxins away from the skin.

There are other benefits that are still being studied and explored. It’s thought that hydrotherapy may help to reduce fevers, and other ailments as well. However, the potential benefits and the proven benefits are why so many people are looking for a home spa as a fantastic health and career investment.

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