Knowledge Management Fund 2019 (up to €15,000)

Knowledge Management Fund 2019 (up to €15,000)

Deadline: November 15, 2019

Applications for the Knowledge Management Fund 2019 are now open. The Knowledge Management Fund is the Knowledge Platform’s instrument to financially support activities arising from its network. The small-scale grants awarded by the Fund offer a low barrier to entry for innovative, agile and experimental proposals.

The aim of proposals is to diversify thinking and evidence in the Security & Rule of Law (SRoL) field, particularly in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Settings (FCAS). The 2019 KMF thematic headlines are Change and Learning Processes and Examining and Improving Policy. Each year, the Secretariat sets these headlines following consultation with the KPSRL, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), and the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research–Science for Global Development (NWO-WOTRO).

The thematic headlines help applicants to the KMF focus on outcomes, and they reflect the fund’s specific added value: addressing emerging priority areas and feeding research outcomes and original ideas into programming and policies. They are purposefully broad to leave as much scope as possible for applicants to generate knowledge in their specialist thematic and geographic areas.

The KMF is made up of three strands to which you may apply: Events, Research, and Innovation. Each strand funds different kinds of activities and initiatives that, collectively, aim to produce original insights to help the Platform improve the quality and uptake of knowledge across its thematic areas.


  • The KMF is a €300,000 annual fund that awards grants of up to €15,000 for events, research ideas and other initiatives that contribute to improving the quality of knowledge generated by the SRoL field, and its subsequent uptake.


  • The grant is open to any consortium or individual with the ambition to improve policies, programs or knowledge in the field of security and rule of law in fragile and conflict affected countries. Think-tanks, (I)NGOs, academics, universities, private sector organizations, government institutions, journalists, independent researchers, data specialists, learning experts, and PhD candidates are all welcome to submit proposals.
  • Partnerships between individuals and organizations are highly encouraged, particularly partnerships that link people from different global regions.

Assessment Criteria

All applications should:

  • Explain how the project aligns with one of the Platform’s Thematic Headlines
  • Describe the specific knowledge and/or capacity gap to be addressed, and argue its urgency
  • Describe how the project will be both unique and applicable to the SRoL field
  • Demonstrate a clear benefit to the larger Platform community through identifying a minimum of two accessible deliverables
  • Clearly define the change sought and strategy to effect that change
  • Display the ambition to build upon proposed project in the future
  • Have an original idea or approach


Interested parties are asked to complete the submission form. All necessary documents can be found at the bottom of the page. All relevant documentation for applications can be attached through the form. If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact [email protected]

For more information, see FAQs or visit Knowledge Management Fund.